High Street: Oasis Floral Dress

I don't usually shop too much in Oasis, it reminds me of days when I had to buy suits to wear Monday to Friday - days I'd rather forget!  But there is one on my way home and I spied this in the window - gorgeous!

It reminds me of picnics and blue and white china - all things English!  My parents have crockery just like it, and somehow I feel that if I owned it, I'd feel a little more at home. Ridiculous I know, but still, I hope you know what I mean?

I can see it being really cute for a weekend day out, or maybe even a christening (a little bit printed for a wedding).  You could wear it with some red pumps and gently accessorize it witha red belt or red earrings - nothing too fancy though as the dress does the talking with a pattern like that! At £50, it isn't too damaging - and a great deal cheaper than some of the other things on my 'summer hit list' !!

Summer is well and truly in my mind, I cannot wait for it!  I have just booked 2 holidays away with my girlfriends to Majorca and Ibiza.  One will be far more relaxed than the other I am sure - which luckily for me excuses the need for two completely separate suitcases full of clothes! 

PS - think the dress is quite similar to the Erdem on the right (can you tell how much of a fan I am yet?!?!)

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Allie said...

This dress is so cute! You definitely have to get it.

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