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Some of you may already be familiar with Hush, a 7 year old business in the UK that has founded itself around making comfortable, durable and stylish staplewear for men and women.  I became a fan last year when I was bought a pair of pyjamas for my birthday (in an amazing scented box).  If you ever need a good soft wool jumpers, or casual wear that will last a lifetime and not cost a fortune - look no further than Hush.

Go to their website and have a look at their basics/loungewear range which has some beautiful pieces.  Their cardigans and jumpers are perfect for Sunday wear and lazy days where you want to look the part without doing anything!  Their tank tops keep their shape unlike so many others, and without sounding too much like my mother - they wash really well!

Describing their spring collection as, 'all about lazy days (and nights) on holiday with a collection of sun dresses, tops, tees and trousers as well as summer pyjamas and shorts that will see you from bed to breakfast, from breakfast to the beach and from the beach to the bar in the evening,' everything comes in muted and neutral colours that make them incredibly versatile, and they feel lovely on your skin.'  They have also just started branching out into trendwear with some great harem pants (below) which the office team say fits every body shape and are uber comfy.

My favourite, favourite, favourite thing to do on a weekend is to have a long bath and then cosy up in their signature pyjamas - I have two pairs now, and really want a third but can't quite justify it - think I might buy my boyfriend a pair just to make sure the purchase-itch goes away!  This the pair I have, although I definitely don't look half as well presented as she does in the photo when I'm wearing them:

I now have their jersey tops, pyjamas, tanks... Ooh and a lovely silk dress for the summer that no doubt I'll still be wearing in 10 years time.  They have got some great staple maxi dresses that are great summer wear as could be day time to play time...

Strongly advise you meander over to their site and take a look for yourself: Hush-UK

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Allie said...

They sound awesome! Too bad they don't sell in the US, but I'll have to check them out he next time I go to London.


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