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Erdem SS11

It's sunnyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!  Ish.  So happy to put away all the black stuff and bust out some brights and patterns and florals - which are everywhere.  These floral prints are quite tricky to master - very important that you pick one that is dainty rather than outright-grandma.  I'm really not liking the idea of mixing up more than one print at a time, sorry, so I've tried to find statement pieces to wear with block colour instead. 

D&G SS11

It's easy to work this look cheaply as the whole high street have some fab takes on the look.  I've already done a posting on a great Dorothy Perkins top that mirrors the Erdem look (incase you missed it, click here) so I won't ramble on about his AMAZING stuff (above) - so here are some other great pieces.

I love the poppies - really nice way to wear a bold colour without it being too much.  Also, this is quite a subtle print as it's all one colour.  Really want it, but as I have said before, my arms need some serious work before I can get them out - Spain in 6 weeks - stress!  Saying that, the weather isn't really ready for all out summerwear so you could team it with a neutral cardi?  Sticking with the same theme, Look at this lovely skirt from River Island:

And I absolutely love these little shorts - as soon as it gets that bit warmer everyone should have them.  Florals are also great for those people who aren't particularly keen on their legs as the patterns distracts from any bits you don't want people to focus on... (be it in your head, or in your actual size). Also, they are £15.  Yup, FIFTEEN.

H&M have some really pretty stuff at the moment, a few of their Gisele pieces are very cute.  You really have to physically see stuff rather than browse online with them because they do have a tendency to use cheap fabric.  However, a client who came in today had the below top on and it was really pretty:

Another piece that I think could last you a while (as the oriental stuff starts to come through more and more) is also from Topshop - lovely colour than would work on most skin tones.  Turquoise and red always looks fab together.  Team this with some skinnies and heels and you'll look the nuts.

Also, I stumbled across a floral print that would be great for the colour shy.  French Connection always has good practical takes on trends, and here is another. 

However this is my all time favourite piece for this trend, Warehouse is so good sometimes!

Also, head to your closest Topshop and check out their accessories, flowers in the hair are really popular at the moment.  However, here is one piece I just cannot understand - even the model looks pretty p*ssed off about it:

ASOS - you beauties!

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Lily said...

I love all the florals! Cant wait until it warms up here in Los Angeles so I can dress in fun Spring clothes!!


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