Essential: NW3 Scarf

All of you must own scarves, unless you slept through the last 15 years.  If you think about how many times you wear them it's slightly ridiculous how we shivver away from paying over the odds for one.  I feel that a good scarf is an excellent investment, and every girl should have two or there.  Tie them around your neck in a bow, loosely wrap them over your shoulders or even tie them to your bag - either way they add a little something extra to an outfit. 

I stumbled across the below four gems from NW3 (Hobbs concession/sister company) and really cannot resist buying one, only question is, which one?!  At between £49 and £59 pounds, they aren't to be sniffed at - but their really is one pattern to suit all.  I personally love the swallow design... but I'm also just about getting my head around the tribal look, so maybe the last one is a more wise purchase?!

Visit the NW3 store at: website

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Unknown said...

I like the third one (butterflies is it?) and it seems there's a butterfly belt too (or is that too matchy?)

SMS Style said...

A little matchy, but you can buy the pair and wear them separately ;) xx

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