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Oversize watches have ruled the time monitoring world (for want of a better way of putting it) for a good couple of years, and it looks like it will stay this way for some time!  I've never really been a watch person, until I met my boyfriend who has a bit of a passion for them.  Now I'm a bit hooked!  Michael Kors are fab because they look very expensive, but aren't.  I first noticed one on a colleague of mine and automatically assumed it was an Omega or a Rolex - so was delighted to discover that they average at around £180.

They come in gold, rose gold and silver - either plain coloured or a combo (also in black and white Toy Watch style ones, but they look rubbish).  They also come in two face sizes which are fantastic as you really need to match a watch to the size of your wrist.  Every girl should have one - decided which colour depending on the colours you usual wear, whether you want it to blend in or scream out 'look at my watch' - and also by the colour of the majority of accessories you have...  Anyone who follows me on Twitter will know how much I sweated over eventually choosing the gold one (thank you Style on the Couch for your help xx).

Also, I've probably recommended this to you before but there is a Michael Kors store in Bicester Village (UK discount centre) where reductions can often reach 40%.  Really worth going to have a check to see if the style you want is there before you purchase one...

Christine Bleakley with hers!

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Unknown said...

Not normally a big watch girl but the rose gold one could have me rethinking...

men watches said...

Very nice and beautiful:)

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