Essential - Camel/Black Colour Block Dress

I'm doing it again!  My little obsession with Marks and Spencers is becoming really embarrassing.  I think it may have something to do with my lack of young persons railcard which sadly expired last week.  I resent paying an additional 1/3 just because I am older.  There isn't a third more of me - I hope.  Anyway, I've found a little steal for you to enjoy - great for work, great Thursday/Friday wear...

Firstly, here is the expensive version at Reiss.  Really lovely mix of camel and black - so now!  But at £159 it is a little bit on the pricey side.  Obviously for the price you get very good quality - we're talking so good quality that you need to dry clean it.  I noticed this dress a few weeks ago and have been pining over it - and then i found the cheaper version:

Love this one - it's cheaper material but still hangs well, and it's washing machine friendly.  Perfect.  And it's £45 quid.  Match this with some simple heels and it will hide a multitude of sins (such as my Hummingbird bakery obsession - 1 day a keeps all attractive men away, and may explain the 1/3 more in a rail ticket now).  It's actually more flattering on as the black at the base works as a bum-smaller-ener (spelling, help!?).

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