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I went to see the lovely guys at Surgery PR last week, and was introduced to a wonderful up and coming designer, Chie Mihara.  Chie, was born in Brazil to Japanese parents, and moved to New York when she was 22 to study design at the Fashion Tech College focussing on shoes and handbags.  

Didac SS11

Making her first creations in her flat in Queens, Chie worked at Eneslow (an orthopedic shoe store) as a designer before going on to join luxury brand Charles Jourdan.  She set up her company in 2001, and is married with 3 children in Spain - where she is stripping shoe design back to the basics and making all the parts by hand and not mach, employing lots of highly skilled workers who couldn't secure work because they were replaced by machines by other companies.

Chie bases her designs on a busy woman, one who needs to walk as quickly as she needs to look good.  Her designs have so much love put into them, it's hard not to fall for them - she has even thought to mould grips into the soles so that you don't fall over.  Lots of them have a vintage-like feel which isn't totally my look, but I have picked a few of my favourites from her SS11 collection - from casual summer flats to great staple heels.

Naif SS11

Terelu SS11

Joni SS11

I absolutely love the style, and the story behind the shoes.  I am going to buy these at the end of the month - below.  I really like the mustard in the them, they probably won't last me as long trendwise, but this summer they will look amazing with my bright summer dresses!

Prices start from £79 and go up £259 - they are available a good department stores (John Lewis stock them) and also direct from her website Chie Mihara - for further details contact Surgery PR.

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Coloured earth said...

Less up and coming more already up there !
Michelle Nazar
Stockist of Chie Mihara

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