This is where South Molton St Style should hopefully be quite helpful.  I started this blog to help me cleanse and refine my wardrobe - and in truth I am probably the laziest girl in the world so needed an easy-peasy way to make sure I always looked half decent.  I crave a wardrobe where I can dress in 2 minutes and look like I have just read this month's Elle and have spent hours outfit planning/reading street style blogs.

I had a million of the same thing, and if I had a £1 for every top I'd bought on a whim that still had the tag on, I'd be on a beach right now. So, here is a home for the wardrobe pieces that I think help frame the perfect wardrobe.  I am all for British style, so where I can I'll be using British designers. HERE IS THE LIST OF DREAMS!

Coats - You will need:
camel coat. trench coat. black coat. utility/cargo jacket. quilt padded jacket

A coat collection is an absolute essential, particularly if you are from England as our weather is questionable sh*t.  Invest, don't buy cheaply - unless it is a vintage gem.  Plastic buttons make the whole thing look fake.  Keep them dry-cleaned and make sure none of the buttons are missing - if they are, replace them.  If you aren't a natural seamstress, find a tailor and make them your best friend.

Blazers/Jackets - You will need:

Again, in British weather blazers and jacket are incredibly necessary.  They are perfect for mid-weather (spring and autumn) and getting the right one can completely change your outfits and enhance your shape massively.  I live in mine, almost literally.

Trousers and Denims - You will need:
a black pair of denims . 1 dark blue pair of denims 1 white pair of denims. 1 pair of boyfriend fit denims

Everyone has jeans - but do you have the perfect pair? Staple denims are essential, and as a general rule go to a jean specialist for good jeans. You wouldn't go to a grocer to buy shoes right? No, because it isn't what they are good for. The American traditionals are great and tend to make the best ones - they also tend to be more expensive, but are worth the investment.

You'll also need:
. a pair of leather trousers. a pair of chino/khaki coloured trousers

Make sure they fit you. By this I mean get the size you can bend in, but sticks to your leg (only buy skinny styles so your heels look solid with them). Baggy jeans aren't cool, but neither are muffin tops.

Skirts and Shorts - You will need:
a black maxi skirt . a sequinned skirt . a pair of denim shorts

You will absolutely need a couple of these - you can't hide those legs ALL year around... I've picked out a couple of styles that you can best mix up with your other staple pieces.  You'll probably want a couple of patterned or floral styles too, for holidays and summer sun etc.  But all in all, I bet the ones you get the most wear out of are plain, neutral colours.  Think creams, blacks, greens, blues, beiges and greys...

Tops - You will need:

Now obviously you'll need quite a few of these, but here are a few that you really do need to own to replicate British style - and more to the point, pieces that you can safely rest in investing in as they'll never go out of trend. (ps: I am aware that a breton tee is a French look, but hey so are macaroons and ours taste the best).

Dresses - You will need:

We are girls after all!  It's in our nature, we love dressing up!  I absolutely love a well made dress - and firmly believe you'll need a couple of styles to get you through life.  I am a total advocate of the little black dress, it can be a background to showing off fab bright coloured accessories or printed styles.