Upon starting the blog in 2011 the only thing I knew less about in the world than fashion was beauty. I just wore mascara and concealer and that was that. Moisturisers were for when your skin was super dry after a holiday, I'd never had a facial and I didn't any kind of skin care routine. South Molton St Style has created the opportunity for me to get to grips with salons, spas and things other than baby wipes to clean my face. Below are a list of posts focussing on my beauty findings and also my go-to products, which hopefully will be as useful to you as they are for me:


I started the blog when I was 26 and had very good skin. I never did the teenage spotty thing, so I'd never had a need to make an effort. Push that forward to the current day and my thoughts could not be more different. Not only do I have a skincare routine, but I also am willing to spend a great deal on it. The blog has allowed for a genuine journey of discovery and given me the motto: If you're going to spend money on one thing appearance wise, let it be your face. So if you're looking for cheapies, you're on the wrong page...

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Brands like Perricone MD, Ren Skincare and Malin and Goetz are my go-to staples. With the odd decadent Sarah Chaplman's mask and Goldfaden MD scrub thrown in for good measure. Perricone MD's tinted moisturiser also acts as a concealer/primer/foundation, REN Skincare's Flash Moisturiser and Glycolactic Renewal Mask basically save me from my age. Malin and Goetz's shampoos, conditioners and body washes are all amazing but for me the hero product is the Grapefruit Face Wash. I also swear by Skin and Tonic's Coco Mask post holidays, and carry a pot of This Works's Calm Balm for super stressy days...

Make Up

I didn't wear anything, full stop. Except mascara from Revlon. I definitely didn't want to wear foundations or primers (I didn't know they existed at this point, ignorance was bliss) because I hated the idea of my skin feeling clogged. Lipsticks were attempted for ballet and music shows at school (no you cannot see pictures) and were such a disaster I'd vowed never to return. And as for brows... The less we say the better. 2011 me would laugh her t*ts off over my fascination with Tom Ford brow sculptor...

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So, let's begin. Same criteria as my skincare; if it works, pay the price. I wanted to look groomed - but not Dubai princess groomed - and it needed to be done in five minutes because I am consistently, almost reliably late to everything. I swear by Tom Ford's bronzed primer in summer, and untinted primer in winter as a base. I use Benefit's Sun Beam across my cheeks all year round for my take on contouring. I use the brow sculptor mentioned above, then Benefit's Gimme Brow to sort my eyebrows out, and lastly the mascara of choice is now an upgraded one from Charlotte Tilbury, here.

Product reviews / round ups:


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claire said...

how do you find the pericone foundation? Also i'm pretty pale would it be better to do the paler shade? thanks

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