Whistles Linen Blazer and a little bit about T-shirts

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First and foremost, this photo really made me want to sing Elvis songs. I'm not sure what I was doing and it's been a while since I've done any kind of posing so apologies for the random stance. This was taken as Claire and I went for dinner when we had a little mini break the other week to shoot some fun content for another project. As the day job is so mental at the moment I thought I'd use it as an excuse to get some other content bits done as I didn't have a single photo to post for Instagram and realised that was pretty bad form...

links to product (affiliate) = green blazer / jeans / white tee shirt / shoes / sunglasses

Not much is new here other than the shoes and the jacket. The jacket is from Whistles and it was pretty much love at first sight. Green is my favourite colour so am very happy it's come back around and seems to be everywhere at the moment. I'd tried the same one on in olive a couple of weeks before (it actually comes in a ton of colours, all below) and loved the shape of it but already had one in that colour. I'm trying really hard to only get things I will, a) wear a lot, and b) don't have anything like. My flat is teeny, I'm moving soon and I just don't have room for it. Plus, it's just not very wise spending is it?

Size wise, I got my usual and it's pretty oversize. I like it that way. Sometimes because I'm short oversize stuff can make me look like I'm a foot tall, but this is really well tailored and doesn't do that. I also love anything that makes you look like you've made an effort. I mean, this is jeans and a shirt. It's not reinventing the wheel. Plus my Mum says the green brings out my eyes which makes zero sense but I'm going with it...

links to product (affiliate) = green blazer / jeans / white tee shirt / shoes / sunglasses

The shoes are Vans. Somehow I've gone through over thirty years without a pair. Probably because I thought I wasn't cool enough. Then I saw this pair on Free People and bought them. Can confirm they are very comfortable. I can't wear Converse or Superga because the soles are too hard on my ridiculously teeny feet and I wake up unable to walk after I wear them. Not the case with these, so I've become quite keen on them...

links to product (affiliate) = green blazer / jeans / white tee shirt / shoes / sunglasses

I keep saying I'll write a post on t shirts and then... Well, life. But I'm dead happy with this one from Victoria Beckham. It's not the cheapest (around £80) but I'm really mean to my tees and wash them very hot (because inevitably there is a food, dog or coffee stain on them) and tumble dry them because I am lazy and apparently (as I recently discovered) have no idea of the environmental impact of tumble drying / have no space to hang wet clothes. I have a thing for cheap tees as well, as in I won't buy them. I live in them so... 

As I said in a previous post I don't really like my arms which in my opinion are disproportionately massive. I put it down to a vague sporting ability in my youth but actually I think it's got more to do with really liking desserts and not really understanding why you'd exercise unless you could win a prize until I was about 26... So oversize tees are my best friend and I've discovered the secret is to make sure the actual body of the tee shirt fits you perfectly across the shoulders - so the corner seam thing sits on your shoulder, if that makes sense? This one does, as do all the above which I own all of*

*also, if you're after a really good premium but not too £ brand, check out Ninety Percent on Net A Porter here. I found them in Jan and for £40 the tees are as good as any triple their price. 

links to product (affiliate) = green blazer / jeans / white tee shirt / shoes / sunglasses

Photography, Claire Menary. Affiliate links used throughout.


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