How To Wear Leopard Print, The 2018 Update

Ok, so this is no new thing is it? Leopard print has been around for a while. Jenna Lyons (AKA my style icon if I was to have such a thing) said that leopard print is a neutral, and best worn when considered that way. I have to say I think she is right. I was so nervous of it for so long, starting with the odd scarf or little detail, but now I sit any type as a fully fledged, head to toe, leopard print affectionado. I really think it's all to do with the quality of the fabric; if it doesn't have a good weight to it, or is quite plastic like, you've lost me.

I borrowed this L.K.Bennett dress for an event and absolutely love it. The brand really understand a woman's shape, so as much as it is more expensive than others I also really understand why. It's not my only one, I'm also the proud owner of a beloved Lily and Lionel maxi dress which I absolutely love, even though the fabric is a little light for the colder months. So, here is my edit of favourite finds - and there are some real goodies.

Before I get started lets talk about the boots because I've had loads of questions about them on my Instagram (follow me here if you don't already). They're from Whistles, I saw them in the window of the Hampstead store about a month ago and knew I had to have them. They only had size 7s for the window display so I very patiently waited for them to be released online, and then pounced. they're wonderful. Every thing I'd ever want in a pair of boots. They're very comfortable (and that says something because my feet flair up at the tiniest thing, the heel is the perfect height in that it's smart enough to go out in but walkable and the leather is a brilliant quality. There is a zip at the side so you don't have to lace them up every time (a major, lazy girl, concern). They didn't rub at all on their first wear which again, really says something. They come in black here, and now brown here. I recommend them strongly.

You can tell by my face that I really enjoy wearing this dress. L.K.Bennett were one of the first brands that ever gave me any time as a blogger, and I'm so grateful to them for it. It's worked, as I pay really close attention to a lot of what they do and am always so impressed by their clothing collections.  I have a few dresses from them and they get worn so much as I just feel really good in them. My favourite is about 6 years old now, they still do one just like it here if you're interested and you'll probably recognise it from my feed.

I think where people go wrong style wise is they pick a colour or print they like and use that as their only criteria when shopping. What I've learnt recently is that the shape of the dress is more important than anything else. This dress really hits the spot for me and I wasn't actually having a very good day when I shot these photos, but it perked me up as it pulls in, puffs out and draws the eye to all the right places. 

They've used the same print in a few different styles so it's depending on your usual go-to shapes you can still shop to your hearts content. Yes, their dresses aren't the cheapest, but if we go on the basis of leopard being a neutral and the shapes will be timeless I think it's quite a good purchase.

Have to say, as more of my friends have to consider it now, this dress is great if you're breastfeeding. I saw it in store and it's super soft fabric. I'm learning fast (through various WhatsApp groups) that I'm not allowed to recommend clothing unless you can whip a boob out easily - in a very different way to Zante circa 2002... I'm also, on the opposite end of the scale with a high neck line and short length, love this mini dress

But, it's not like L.K.Bennett are the only store to do a leopard print dress. I'm spotting them absolutely everywhere, it's become the item you need to check and see if any of your friends are wearing (I had a thing with work where 3 of us turned up to present the same presentation wearing one, fail). I just love And Other Stories' options, and Mango's, I think they're probably my favourites to be honest. Here they are:

Lastly, if I still haven't convinced you go head-to-toe - here is a lovely half way house. It's black, but leopard print detailed. Enjoy...

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