The Best Jumpsuits For Spring And Summer

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This out is one of many I shot whilst in Lake Como with the girls and Mr and Mrs Smith. I have to say, it was a real "pat on the back" moment. I'm not sure what or how I expected this little blog to ever develop, but I certainly never thought I'd be staying in Napoleon's former home in Italy, on the most luxurious trip I've ever been on in my life. Any way, I used it as a proper base for some content and this was one of many outfits I shot, and it's one of my all time favourites.

outfit links = jumpsuit / raffia bag / lemon pouch / shoes

Jumpsuits (or "rompers" for my US followers) aren't something I envisaged being "into." My lower and upper half are often different sizes in separates, and I'm quite short so I didn't think they'd flatter me very well. However, I first got a jumpsuit in a very similar style to the one in this post but in black (5 years ago, but this one is very similar) and absolutely loved it. I never thought cut out waists would be my bag either, but the beauty of them is the size of the cut-out essentially makes your waist look that size, so it's super flattering. 

1. Mango / 2. Topshop / 3. Mango / 4. And Other Stories / 5. ASOS / 6. Miss Selfridge

Other tips for shapes like mine; tailored waists with wide legs are the most flattering. By making your legs wider your middle looks smaller. Balance the amount of fabric you've got on with some flattering subtle-skin-showing shapes; off shoulder or cut out middle, or shirted style with buttons open to an acceptable level are all good ways of going about it.

I'll do a broader edit below, but above are my selections for striped jumpsuits as they're really in. In truth this was an entirely selfish exercise as I pulled this lot together when I decided I wanted this one but as is usual with ASOS it has sold out quite quickly in most sizes. This Neon Rose one was a very close contender and if I didn't already have one in an identical shape. Mango are very good these days, I have totally followed suit with all the bloggers wearing it and have found myself knee deep in their website almost on a daily basis - so there are a couple from them in this post. Another one is a weird one, Pretty Little Things. Ignore their heinous teenage advertising - this is gorgeous.

outfit links = jumpsuit / raffia bag / lemon pouch / shoes

Looking broadly at jumpsuits across all the brands, there are some AWESOME ones at the moment and I've had to work to restrain myself. I bought this one from Topshop last week, which I'm actually wearing as I type this, I love it! It's super versatile, I can imagine wearing it on holiday as much as I can here in the UK. For smarter ones, this one from Mango is lovely.

1. Topshop / 2. Mango / 3. Mango / 4. And Other Stories / 5. ASOS / 6. ASOS

Lets not forget this complete beauty too, because she really is very special and perfect for those "I don't know what to wear this evening" situations. As I said before, the shape of it is the most important thing. I, for example, know that any jumpsuits that are tight on the leg are a no go for me. 

outfit links = jumpsuit / raffia bag / lemon pouch / shoes

As for what to pair with them, the world is your oyster. My one here looks great with sandals but I'd also put them with a block heel for evenings. This is what I love about them, they are so versatile and there is rarely a time where a jumpsuit of some description won't work as an outfit choice. I have a few now and just throw them on for the days where I'm not sure what to wear, brilliant!

outfit links = jumpsuit / raffia bag / lemon pouch / shoes

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