Getting Ready For Spring

I'm done with waiting; I need Spring. Seriously though, aren't you just a little bit over having to wear the same dark coloured clothing? This week's weather is odd; it'll be 12 degrees by the weekend and our poor plants don't know what is going on! Some are in bloom, some are still in hibernation. I did feel a bit sad to see the daffodils on the Heath ruined by March's brutal weather. 

Any way, I'm digressing. I wanted to talk to you about Spring clothing. I don't necessarily believe in needing to equip yourself "for the new season" as in truth I have the basics already so will just add to them when I like something (I'm currently eBaying like a mo-fo to make room for new stuff as my wardrobe's are bursting at the seams). I love adding in some colour; it cheers everything up. I borrowed this top from Whistles for my Blogosphere shoot, so before I needed to return it I thought I'd take some pictures in it...

At the time of going to press it wasn't available yet (update: it is now, here) but if you click this link it'll take you straight to the Whistles new-in page. It might be that it's available now at the time you're reading this... Have to say, there are a lot of similar ones around, so I've listed my favourites below.

People ask me quite a lot about my trainers as I wear them a lot. I have three pairs of Adidas ones which is weird as I was always a very loyal Nike girl (and use Nike runs for the gym over any other shoe). These ones are the Gazelles. I bought them last summer and I love them even more now they've worn a bit and suede has faded. I really want the navy ones which a couple of my friends have, but given I already have three pairs I think it's a bit excessive!

I also have the Stan Smiths with the navy bit at the back which somehow get away with being work appropriate in my industry. In a way, I think they're the equivalent of the Gucci trainer for people who aren't prepared to drop £300 on trainers. Before them I actually bought a Marant pair on Vestiaire, and ended up selling them to buy the Stan Smiths as they weren't very comfortable. I have small, stubby feet (one for a Tinder profile should I ever need it) so if shoes are comfortable for me that's quite the compliment - both the Gazelle and the Stan are great for me, from the very first wear.

Lastly I also have these which are the Cosmics. Some of you might remember that I went on an activity holiday with Next last year. My friend Tally had these on and I loved them so much that the Next girls kindly had them waiting for me at home when I got back from the trip. They're a totally different style for me, and I'm so glad I saw Tally in them as they're not a pair I'd have picked from the website. Also, had no idea Next sold Adidas before that trip! 

Jeans wise, these are a new brand for me. I saw them on ASOS and thought I'd give them a go, they're from River Island which is unusual for me. I liked the cropped length and think thats in summer/spring I could pair them with smarter shoes and shirts and they'd be work acceptable; they're super dark black you can barely see that they're denim. I took my usual size, they fit me really nicely and for £30 I think they're quite good. 

Have to say, if anyone doesn't have ASOS Premier I'd advise getting it - I paid £10 and it means stuff comes the next day and what I don't like goes straight back, and they come and collect it from your house. Makes left-field purchases like these jeans all the more tempting! You can find it here.

Photography by Claire Menary. This is a standard footer on all blog pieces; some links used in this post may be created with an affiliate tag meaning I will receive a small % of any purchases made as a result of clicking on them. This does not cause any price difference for you, the consumer.

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NIKA said...

The blouse is soooo nice! Gives a little more dash of color to those early somehow grey spring days!:)

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