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A couple of weeks ago I had a sudden, unexplained need for a checked blazer. It rarely happens and came out of nowhere, but when it does it "gets" me like a new crush; I obsess and obsess until I have tracked them down. Marginal psychotic but hugely relatable (or so I hope). I think I must have seen a picture of one somewhere although I cannot for the life of me source it...

Any way, after about 4 days of stalking searching I found this one from Anine Bing. I'd never bought from the brand before and had never heard of it. Clearly I was living under a rock as when I asked friends in the know, they all knew everything about Anine and her designs. Based in LA, with Scandinavian origin, she makes stuff I want to be in constantly

outfit links = blazer / jeans / shoes / bag / knit

Followers of my Instagram will know I made the purchase after a bottle glass of wine - their stuff isn't super cheap but having researched I was confident of the quality. More to the point I couldn't find anything else despite scouring the pages of ASOS, Zara and Topshop for days on end. 

So I bought it and a few days later it arrived with a bow (literally). Have to say the quality is excellent. I bought my usual size and it slipped on; almost to the point that it looks especially tailored for me.I love the black and red, it means it goes with everything. I've worn it to death already and know it'll be in my wardrobe for a long time so I don't feel quite so bad about spending the monthly food budget on it (oops). 

outfit links = blazer / jeans / shoes / bag / knit

That said, f*cking typically, almost as soon as I relaxed into the expenditure I spotted this one from And Other Stories, this one on Urban Outfitters and this one from Topshop. A third of the price, same deal. I've ordered the Topshop one just to see and am praying it looks pants. Somehow I doubt it, blazers are one thing that store get right time and time again (my gold, velvet blazer from last season here is from them...).

outfit links = blazer / jeans / shoes / bag / knit

Also, I can't not talk about my shoes. I had a voucher as a gift last year and put a little bit alongside it to buy them. I didn't expect to see such a notable difference in quality, thinking a flat shoe was a flat shoe. I'm now two weeks into wearing them and they fit like a glove and didn't rub at all on their first wear. I'm really impressed/devastated about having to now keep up this kind of footwear for the rest of my life as they'd so expensive. 

If you are thinking of making an investment I can't not recommend them as they're gorgeous and go with everything - but that said, they are £500 and that is a little bit ridiculous. Also it's worth noting that they come with a cork/wooden sole so I also paid £30 to get a rubber sole put on otherwise I'd be slipping and sliding all over the place. Also, without the rubber sole the shoes will wear so much quicker... My cobbler told me I'd more than trebled the life of this pair by doing so.

Crazy that thats the case with them given their expense but I guess thats how the other half live...? I've put a link to them and some high street alternatives above - including a Debenhams pair here I wore for a post last week that are brilliant.

outfit links = blazer / jeans / shoes / bag / knit

I guess I can mildly justify the unusually high "outfit value" with the bargain denim..? My Weekday jeans are still going strong, and a brilliant example of when influencer marketing works well. I'd never have heard of this brand if it wasn't for my job and a campaign last October. Since discovering them I have lived in their jeans and my Levis and Paige denims now sit neglected on my shelves. Really recommend a pair, get your usual size, they're between £30 and £40. Find them here.

outfit links = blazer / jeans / shoes / bag / knit

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NIKA said...

I just love those shoes!!!! Well I can't wait when it's gonna be a bit warmer here in Austria too to wear my blazer, as I got one at H&M recently and would love to shoot it too soon:) NIKA

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