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Ok, finally I can talk to you about a project I'm really excited about! Some of you will remember that just after the Christmas break I was filming "something special." At the time I couldn't tell you who it was and had to try and remain calm and not give it away on my Instagram. It was also the week I was super poorly, I was so worried I'd have to pull out... Well, I can now reveal what it was all about and a little more detail around my partnership with Crabtree and Evelyn.

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Crabtree and Evelyn are encouraging their followers, customers and partners to celebrate the things we love. They're calling the project #lovegoals which if you follow through social media you can see a tonne of inspiring ideas coming through. For my part, I've been asked to chat to four inspiring women about their goals for 2018 (and chat more widely about their motivations, inspirations and career developments).

All of the podcasts are now live, featuring Esther Coren (Walker), Jessica Skye, Natalie Lee and Laura Jane Williams and can all be found here. They're all different and special in their own way and I'm so touched they wanted to take part in this campaign.

For some context, I am certain you'll know of Crabtree and Evelyn, but how much do you honestly know about them? I for one have learnt so much whilst creating this project. Their products have always been in my proximity - their Tarocco Orange range is my personal favourite as it reminds me of home. 

The brand was established 40 years ago, inspired by John Evelyn. He was a writer, an architect and one of the first naturalists and conversationists. His motto, "Explore everything. Keep the best" was the inspiration behind the #lovegoals project, as his intrigue and many passions meant he was always eager to discover more. For me, this essentially meant I was able to sit down with some super inspiring women and ask them the questions I've always wanted. It's been so fun finding out more about people who inspire me on a daily basis.

listen to the podcast series here / top, in sale / trousers / shoes / nail colour

Longer term followers will know (as shown in the pictures) I do think it's very important not to take myself too seriously online, and share content with you that it's lighthearted and fun. However, this is a bit different. As you'll see from the podcasts I really do some soul searching and come up with some firm goals for 2018. Last year was a challenging one but I'm sure that the struggle to balance work, life and play aren't unique. 

Sometimes it's really good to take a breath, evaluate and hatch a plan for what you want to concentrate on. For me, that's what #lovegoals is all about. I won't give away my actual goals, that's what the podcasts are all about! They're being released over the next two months, and you can find the latest one here

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Crabtree & Evelyn would love for you to share your own goals online, using the hashtag #lovegoals and #crabtreeUK  You'll be entered into a competition to win a £150 hamper from the brand. If you're looking for help coming up with any ideas - think along the lines of what makes you smile, or what you'd like to make you smile more often. 

It might be that you'd like to spend more time someone in particular, or start a new healthy activity - or something more generic like spending more time away from your mobile phone (a big one for lots of my friends this year).For some further inspiration check out what other people have come up with, here.

pomegranate argan grape body lotion / listen to the podcast series here / top, in sale / trousers / shoes / 

Stay tuned for more podcasts, I'll be announcing them over on my Instagram in the coming weeks!
As a final note, as part of the project I selected a few of my favourite items from the brand. Shop my edit here - and if you fancy sharing a box of their all butter biscuits, hit me up...

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