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Ever so often an outfit comes together without even trying. In these photos I was actually trying to shoot the dress, but threw on the sweater between takes as it was so unbelievably cold that morning. When I looked in the reflection in a window I decided I preferred it this way - and it solved a month-long problem; finding the perfect red midi "skirt."

I'd wanted a RIXO skirt for ages and Net A Porter kindly sent me one. I ordered my usual size and couldnt get it over my thighs. I then went a size up and even though it technically fitted, the cut was incredibly unflattering; I looked a lot bigger and it gave me curves where I didn't have them. A little gutted and despondent, I thanked Net and sent it back... Sad I didn't fit in with the RIXO rat pack kids...

Midi skirts are very hard to find for my shape which is why I only have a couple. If a garment has a side zip then it never works for me. I don't really know why but my self confidence goes through the floor if I feel like my waist isn't being flattered and nothing with that "feature" ever works for me. If you're the same my tip is to either do the "dress thing" or instead go for elasticated waists, cotton fabrics over synthetic and avoid silks (they show every last bump like you're showcasing cellulite for fun).

Any way, when I put this jumper over the dress I instantly knew this was how I'd get so much wear out of the dress. I picked the dress out as I want to wear more red in 2018 as I've realised it's super flattering colour for me, plus it works really well with all my neutral stuff. If you're not so sure but like the cut it also comes in black here, but if you're on the fence I say pick the red - it feels so much brighter and you'll get a tonne of compliments I promise you! The print also comes as a t shirt, here if of interest.

Before I launch into my adoration for the dress, let me give the knit a little mention. I absolutely love And Other Stories knitwear. Time and time again they come up trumps. This one comes in white and blue (both available from this link) and let me tell you in advance that you'll get a lot of people assuming it's a designer purchase. I was walking through Browns in Shoreditch the other day and a saleswoman came up and complimented me on my "Acne" purchase... Win.

So, without further a do here is the dress of dreams. Fitting and seasonal with Valentines Day in February, although I chickened out of wearing it on the day itself as I thought it was a little bit too cliche... I am so happy I picked the red, I nearly went for the black...  

Longer term followers know I love a maxi dress. Love one. They're my "sh*t I have no idea what to wear" staples and I wear them as often as I am allowed. My best ones all come from And Other Stories so it was no surprise to me that this season the majority of my favourites come from there too. Below are my favourite picks.

I may have overdone it with the red shoes but I wanted to give it a go. I personally love it but it's definitely a bolder look. I also just bought a pair of white Stan Smiths (I know, I'm the last person on the planet but I just wanted them) which'll look good with them too. The bag, sadly, isn't mine. I looked after it for Claire while she was sorting the camera out and it turned out it looked way better with the outfit than mine... 

Have to say that this is a real feel good outfit. Really feel good. I felt defiant and powerful and full of love. I've often been told off for wearing my heart on my sleeve so god only knows what a psychologist would make of this little ensemble... Sod it, if it makes you happy you should always go for it, right?

Photography by Claire Menary. This is a standard footer on all blog pieces; some links used in this post may be created with an affiliate tag meaning I will receive a small % of any purchases made as a result of clicking on them. This does not make any difference to you, the consumer.


Harriet said...

I bloody love this dress... actually everything about this outfit!! I love Rixo and the skirts are perfect on me... but the tops look terrible... I ordered 2 silk shirts from net a porter having already bought a dress and skirt... turns out tall with boobs and no arse is not conducive to their blouses but perfect for skirts 😭

Unknown said...

I love this outfit! I definitely struggle with some of these indie brands, I end up in their largest size due to not having a tiny waist and I just have to tell myself that it's the measurements they've chosen that are the problem. I love Rixo but wish they had some mini dresses that don't have a completely open back.

Sophie said...

Oh my I have completely fallen head over heels for that dress. I adore how you've styled it with the jumper too.
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