Seeing Red

To most people this probably won't be rocket science, but I've recently discovered that red is a brilliant addition to my wardrobe. When I worked for a French company, I'd spend days trying to work out why the Parisian team looked so much more refined and consistent with their style. I thought it was down the basics - and in fairness I think the denim/white/black staples definitely helped - but it recently dawned on me that they also nearly always wear something red. And it's that that makes their outfit "pop out" that little bit more.

It's been a welcomed addition to my wardrobe as I'd swung dangerous close to boring whilst cultivating the perfect black blazer, blue jean and white tee shirt. Now that I've got it in my head, it's actually really easy to do. Red goes really well with everything else I enjoy wearing (especially my breton shirts) so now I've bought the basics I thought I'd share it with you...

It doesn't have to be a bright red sweater, instead I've picked out things like this Chinti and Parker knit and this J Crew stripe tee shirt which has little pops of red in the design. I'm also on the quest for the perfect red midi skirt as I love the whole "white tee, white trainer, denim jacket and red skirt" thing that's all over Instagram. I bought this one from RIXO but it's too small so I'm hoping the replacement size will fit like a glove. I did buy this Free People dress which is a tad optimistic given the weather but I didn't want to risk it selling out, my bad (it was a tough decision between the FP one and this Other Stories one).

If you're a bit nervous about going all out, perhaps try getting some red basics. I mean the dream purchase would be the Gucci Soho in red but that's not to everyone's budget - And Other Stories have a lovely red handbag at the moment, and I've also bought the Adidas Gazelle's in red and find myself wearing them all the time alongside my jeans and grey sweaters. The shoes I'm wearing in this post are from L.K.Bennett (old, but very similar in the sale here) and they work very well for me - they tick the red box without being too "bright red Dorothy-like" and the block heel is brilliant for giving me a bit of a lift and walkability. 

Lets not forget the grey jumper with the red writing on the front - lots of those popping up in shops and I am so happy with mine. Slogan tees are a really good way of incorporate a little bit of colour - my sister bought me this tee for Christmas from Topshop and I love it, expect to see it in lots of upcoming posts teamed with blazers and jeans (also found this one in red that's pretty good for £16). I also bought myself this J Crew tee (click through to see inside the pocket, super cute) for £20 when I was in New York in December.

I also acquired this Dodo o Bar shirt which I cannot wait to wear on holidays, but for now am pairing with jeans), and this River Island top - I had last year's version and wore it to death. So having shopped to my heart's content I've done a little edit of my favourite red pieces, click on the links provide to shop them if I can tempt you. Enjoy!

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