Getting Ready For Spring

I'm done with waiting; I need Spring. Seriously though, aren't you just a little bit over having to wear the same dark coloured clothing? This week's weather is odd; it'll be 12 degrees by the weekend and our poor plants don't know what is going on! Some are in bloom, some are still in hibernation. I did feel a bit sad to see the daffodils on the Heath ruined by March's brutal weather. 

Any way, I'm digressing. I wanted to talk to you about Spring clothing. I don't necessarily believe in needing to equip yourself "for the new season" as in truth I have the basics already so will just add to them when I like something (I'm currently eBaying like a mo-fo to make room for new stuff as my wardrobe's are bursting at the seams). I love adding in some colour; it cheers everything up. I borrowed this top from Whistles for my Blogosphere shoot, so before I needed to return it I thought I'd take some pictures in it...

Side Striped Trousers

outfit links = grey jumper (in cream here) / stripe trousers / trainers / coat (old) / bag

Phew, that disgusting weather is done with. Don't get me wrong I loved the snow... For about an hour. After that I was wishing it away as early morning walks with a stubborn, grumpy, cold dog just were not pleasant and I spent the whole week in either leggings or my pyjamas. Ridiculously given that I live in London, I was snowed in. My street is on a really steep slope and wasn't gritted so getting anywhere was a nightmare. How I didn't fall on the second day of it when trying to get to the tube is beyond me....



THAT Checked Blazer and THOSE shoes

outfit links = blazer / jeans / shoes / bag / knit

A couple of weeks ago I had a sudden, unexplained need for a checked blazer. It rarely happens and came out of nowhere, but when it does it "gets" me like a new crush; I obsess and obsess until I have tracked them down. Marginal psychotic but hugely relatable (or so I hope). I think I must have seen a picture of one somewhere although I cannot for the life of me source it...

Any way, after about 4 days of stalking searching I found this one from Anine Bing. I'd never bought from the brand before and had never heard of it. Clearly I was living under a rock as when I asked friends in the know, they all knew everything about Anine and her designs. Based in LA, with Scandinavian origin, she makes stuff I want to be in constantly

And Other Stories Heart Dress

Ever so often an outfit comes together without even trying. In these photos I was actually trying to shoot the dress, but threw on the sweater between takes as it was so unbelievably cold that morning. When I looked in the reflection in a window I decided I preferred it this way - and it solved a month-long problem; finding the perfect red midi "skirt."


Oriental ASOS Dress

outfit links = dress, ASOS (similar here) / shoes, L.K.Bennett / bag, Gucci

Unless you've been living under a rock you'll have notice trends from the East are, erm, on trend. It started with the beauty world as Korean and Japanese face products seeped into our stores, but when Gucci started embellishing everything with dragons it wasn't long before the high street started doing the same. As a curvy, short person I can't do the kimonos or the majority of Chinese inspired shapes - so when ASOS brought out this dress I was thrilled as I love the look of it all, it just doesn't like me.



Benefit Bad Gal BANG Mascara with Debenhams

Followers of my Stories will know that on Monday I was shooting "something" for a new mascara. I tried my best to keep it under wraps as it's all for this very post - but the keener of observers sussed out that it was for the new Bad Gal BANG Benefit mascara, as a few other influencers had posted their content too. Talking about (and putting on) beauty products is a huge passion of me; if I were starting a blog now I'd probably only write about skincare and makeup. I was asked by Debenhams to talk about the mascara's launch in their stores - and my god is my job easy when the it's so damn good. So, without further ado - let me tell you the ways and reasons you need to make a purchase...

mascara / outfit details seen below; pearl detail shirt (alternative shirt as low stock) / jeans / shoes / green ring / pinky ring

Firstly, if you're one of those people who think a mascara is a mascara (the "potato" "potah-toe" types), please think again.  As a frequent Benefit user I knew this was going to be good. I've used the Bad Gal mascara's before so was very excited to try the newly revamped version. 

When it comes to mascara I'm looking for a few things; I need it to be quick to apply, to cope with my weirdly long lashes without grazing my eye lids with a thin black coating throughout the day - and most importantly to look good.



#lovegoals with Crabtree & Evelyn

Ok, finally I can talk to you about a project I'm really excited about! Some of you will remember that just after the Christmas break I was filming "something special." At the time I couldn't tell you who it was and had to try and remain calm and not give it away on my Instagram. It was also the week I was super poorly, I was so worried I'd have to pull out... Well, I can now reveal what it was all about and a little more detail around my partnership with Crabtree and Evelyn.

listen to the podcast series here / top, in sale / trousers / shoes / nail colour

Crabtree and Evelyn are encouraging their followers, customers and partners to celebrate the things we love. They're calling the project #lovegoals which if you follow through social media you can see a tonne of inspiring ideas coming through. For my part, I've been asked to chat to four inspiring women about their goals for 2018 (and chat more widely about their motivations, inspirations and career developments).

All of the podcasts are now live, featuring Esther Coren (Walker), Jessica Skye, Natalie Lee and Laura Jane Williams and can all be found here. They're all different and special in their own way and I'm so touched they wanted to take part in this campaign.


January, What A Year!

Instagram followers will know Dry January didn't quite go to plan. I managed 24 days and then I succumbed. Really succumbed. The 25th day was a slow one. But my God, the length of January was like the gift that just kept on giving. By that I mean like the gifts you get from a great aunt that you don't really want but have to stay grateful for. More days? Another week? No thank you.

I made a promise to myself that 2018 was going to be the year of refinement in every aspect of my life. No more mess, no more excess - no stress where stress isn't required. Last year started off well but by the end I was an exhausted rabbit in headlights and realised between Christmas and New Year that I had totally burnt out. Not to say it wasn't necessary - there is a part of me that feels if I'm not burning the candle at both ends now then when will I?


Seeing Red

To most people this probably won't be rocket science, but I've recently discovered that red is a brilliant addition to my wardrobe. When I worked for a French company, I'd spend days trying to work out why the Parisian team looked so much more refined and consistent with their style. I thought it was down the basics - and in fairness I think the denim/white/black staples definitely helped - but it recently dawned on me that they also nearly always wear something red. And it's that that makes their outfit "pop out" that little bit more.

It's been a welcomed addition to my wardrobe as I'd swung dangerous close to boring whilst cultivating the perfect black blazer, blue jean and white tee shirt. Now that I've got it in my head, it's actually really easy to do. Red goes really well with everything else I enjoy wearing (especially my breton shirts) so now I've bought the basics I thought I'd share it with you...



Starting 2018 With A Bang

Somehow we made it to 2018! December was an absolute whirlwind and it felt like it was that way for everyone, lets give ourselves a pat on the back! This year I'm going to be downsizing the amount of blog content I do and focussing a little more on YouTube as I've found I really enjoy it. My following is currently laughable, so if you fancy helping an old dog with some new tricks please do subscribe to my channel here

Now the blog will go back to being very simple outfit posts, inspiration and some travel mixed in then I go away. All my beauty stuff can either be found here at my beauty store (where I keep a full list of everything I use) or over on Youtube where I'm doing proper tutorials and reviews. To start the year off I thought I'd show you some pieces I've been living in for the last couple of months in this post. Luckily for you most of them are now on the sale too! 

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