Taking A Good Few Days Off

It's very nearly time for a well earned break. So, here's an outfit that I'll be living in over Christmas. Paired back make up (including no mascara which is why I look a little different than usual) my old faithful basics, a new cardigan and some new rings to add a little bit more to the look. Followers of my Instagram know that my goal is to have the ultimate boho hands; delicate and different rings on pretty much every finger, all probably gold as that's my favourite. Beady eyed Instagram followers will have already spotted my new additions, but here's a little more about they came to me...

Longer term followers will know that my really special piece of jewellery is from Monica Vinader, their Riva ring here. My late grandmother bought it for me for my 30th and I absolutely love it. It means an awful lot and it gets noticed all the time - if I had a pound for overtime I've been in a meeting and the person opposite me has had it on too, well, I'd own the whole collection. The brand fell a little off the radar for me, despite seeing lovely pieces of friends, so I was delighted when they got in touch and showed me their most recent collections.
outfit links = cardigan (similar in white) / breton shirt / jeans / shoes / black stone ring / green stone ring / rectangular green stone ring

I was so surprised and pleased to see how the brand has evolved. They really were the first brand to push the idea of stacking rings on your fingers, and it's always been something I've been keen on. Their Siren ring collection is, for me, what brought Monica Vinader to the forefront of the jewellery market - and they've really built out the range with some lovely new stones and shapes. Have a look at the collection here.

I really love the colour green, I don't wear enough of it and it's one of my New Years resolutions to do so. So when I was asked to pick a stone out to wear, this one was first on the list. I paired it with a black stoned one (officially called Black Stone Onyx) as I don't have anything that colour and when playing around with all the different colour options I realised this one went well with pretty much everything!

A much newer shape for me was this ring; a rectangular "baja" style. I really like signet style ring and this one is super unusual but also fits in really well with other pieces I own, I'm considering getting a thinner, silver one from the same collection to layer with it. In truth, the whole collection is just so impressive. So happy to be back in tune with everything going on with the brand again. And, as a side note it's all super reasonably priced! If you do fancy something for Christmas, the team at Monica Vinader have asked me to let you know that online orders must be placed by Friday the 21st at 3pm.

outfit links = cardigan (similar in white) / breton shirt / jeans / shoes / black stone ring / green stone ring / rectangular green stone ring

Wanted to give a proper mention to my cardigan as it was a real impulse purchase from ASOS the other week. I wanted something I could just throw on and loved the black and green - also the embroidery is pretty Gucci-like. It's £35 too which having worn and washed it a few times is really good value! Super soft too! Here is the link.

So, hands up who's ready for a proper break? Part of me loves the idea of being able to get all those little tasks done without being hassled with constant emails, the other half is just... Pretty, damn tired. I was dinner with some friends yesterday and one of them told me they're having a full week of digital detox. I'm not sure I'll manage that but - I'm down with giving some serious time away from my phone a go. 

This may well be my last post for the year so I wish you all a very, very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Thank you for all your support and encouragement this year, really has meant a great deal.

This post includes images from a sponsored Instagram campaign with Monica Vinader. Order before 3pm on the 21st Decemver to ensure Christmas delivery. Photography by Claire Menary.

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