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Anyone else feeling beyond tired and wee bit apathetic to dressing yourself? Seriously, if I could like in my comfies right now I would be. I feel very sorry for my neighbours who have had to witness my outfit concoctions for dog walking. What can I say it's been, creative? Any way for days where I was been forced to leave the security of my sofa and scented candles I've pretty much always looked something like this...

outfit links = blazer / jeans / shoes / bag / tee

I'm not exactly reinventing the wheel when I say I live in blazers, tees and flats, but I've recently found a few new pieces I thought I'd share. Plus, lots of you have been asking from my Instagram whether I think new places like Weekday are worth so I thought I'd do a proper little piece on it. Here we go...

outfit links = blazer / jeans / shoes / bag / tee

First up the blazer. I bought this two months ago from The OutNet and at the time I wasn't certain it was a good purchase. I was lured by the stripes and the brand, Zimmermann is all my time favourite; my two favourite summer dresses are from there. However for autumn it's been brilliant because it's big enough to go over jumpers when you need "something" over the top, but also light enough to get under a coat if you have a shirt underneath. I'm so chuffed with it.

Other The OutNet bargains

If you haven't come across The Outnet before, it's Net A Porter's sister brand which offers previous season items for less. It used to be Net's sale stuff but it's become so successful in it's own right they now have separate buying teams and for that reason some of their discounts and pieces are amazing. Take this dress, again from Zimmermann - and also check out their own brand called Iris and Ink which essentially allows you to find the basics you need to wear with the items you get from the whole website. My jumper from this Instagram is from there, here

outfit links = blazer / jeans / shoes / bag / tee

Blazers are an absolute essential for me; a well fitted one hides a world of sins. I'm 5 foot 4 and fairly curvy - with those annoying boobs that aren't really that big but look really massive in the wrong thing, which I hate. My arms aren't my strongest feature, actually they are quite strong but they're bulky to go with it - so in terms of other options I guess what I'm trying to say is I'm really rather picky. So I'm saying one fits well, believe me it really must.

outfit links = blazer / jeans / shoes / bag / tee

Now the jeans. Lots of you asked about Weekday when I did a couple of content pieces with them as they launched last month. I'd never heard of them before and was a bit doubtful. The store experience is, interesting. It's very "cool" and as I'm not I felt a bit weird in there. But it was worth it because the jeans I came out with are just brilliant.

I'm a total snob with denim, total snob. Before this I lived in £200 jeans because I'd been lucky enough to get them through the blog and laughed at myself for ever wearing the Topshop ones of old because they were just so sh*t in comparison. Now, I'm transformed. I don't know how they manage to make such good jeans for between £30 and £40 but I love them. I now own 9 pairs - a tad excessive but once I found a style that fitted I bought them in every wash. These ones are their Seattle fit and come in a few different tones. I always have the Voyage jeans in quite a few side; particularly recommend the black ones here.

outfit links = blazer / jeans / shoes / bag / tee

I've already talked about the bag and the tee a lot in previous posts so I won't drag on, however, I do want to talk about the shoes because I love them! I've worn them to death, really have - and the velvet is way more practical than I thought as I bought a protection spray from my local dry cleaner and I've worn them in all conditions. They're unsurprisingly sold out in the blue, I think, but they have come out in this wonderful red, here.

Photography by Claire Menary


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