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Autumn is well and truly here! Yes, we might be having a fluke weekend of twenty-odd degrees but make no mistake; it's time to pack away the shorts and get the woolly stuff out. A few months ago I met up with the Hobbs London team. It was a scorching hot day and I remember thinking the idea of shooting a winter coat edit was the last thing I could imagine doing! But here we are in October already, and here I am showing you my favourite pieces from Hobbs AW17, in my local area, Hampstead - where Hobbs was first established. 

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Coats are pretty much the most important thing in an autumn or winter wardrobe. When I was younger I'd just buy one cheaply on the high street and wouldn't think to check anything other than the price. These days it's the opposite; like a woman possessed I look for the label immediately and if it's not a decent wool I won't buy it. Which is how (and why) Hobbs coats came into my life - I bought a navy pea coat from them 6 years ago that still looks as good today as it did the day I bought it.

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My first pick was easy; a military coat. The "Carla" shone out to me at Hobbs' AW17 press day many months ago and I knew it had to be mine. I've wanted one like this for so long and as you can see from my Instagram here, I have lived in this ever since it arrived. The quality is exceptional and the detail in the piping is brilliant. I've been stopped in the street a good few times when wearing it and people are always staggered it's not "designer" (which it really is, given the effort that's gone into it). 

I've been wearing it with pretty much anything (perhaps even my pyjamas on an early Sunday morning dog walk - it's long enough to hide them!). One thing to mention; often 3/4 length coats drown me because I'm only 5 foot 4 but the cut of this really works. I think it's because it's so well tailored on the waist and at the shoulders, but it fits me properly which is a rarity on the high street.

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Next, something a little more "capsule wardrobe." The fast-pack bang on about needing a camel coat with good reason. The colour is smart enough for the office yet tame enough for weekends - and - it's the same colour as your morning coffee so it hides a world of sins. This one from Hobbs is great. At risk of repeating myself; I just can't get over the tailoring. Little things like the extra darting around the waist and under the arms make a massive difference. 

The outfit I'm wearing them with is a classic one for me; jeans, jumper and jacket (when it gets colder factor in a scarf like the one further along in this post). The jumper is actually a shirt and jumper in one, find it here - genius! Ooh and the shoes, can you believe they're from the high street? Butter soft leather. Hobbs don't get enough credit for their footwear - all made and designed in Italy... 

outfit links = coat / jeans / shoes / jumper (and shirt in one) 

Before we get back to the coats I couldn't not talk about Hobbs' striped offering as you know thats my go-to piece regardless of the season. When I spotted this one whilst putting my looks together I knew I'd love it. Again, and sorry to harp on, the quality is just so much better than other stores. This top is silky soft but a really good wool-grade so it's warm. Luckily for you it's in their sale and comes in blue/white and red/white. See them here

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Moving on to a different coat style, the trench. When I was younger all I wanted was a proper trench coat. I think it's because when we used to meet my Dad from work in the city everyone looked so important and grown up in their beige, double breasted coats. I just wanted to be like them. Since then the Parisians have taken over the look and now it's a must-have in everyone's wardrobe. This one is a great addition and the green colour makes it that little bit easier to wear.

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I paired this with a brilliant pair of navy trousers and my striped top, but give me an outfit this wouldn't go with?! Black denim, blue denim, office wear... It really is very versatile. I just love the structure of the shape. Trench coats are brilliant for anyone looking for a sharper silhouette (that sounds naff, but it's true!).

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And I can't not dedicate a little bit of copy to these shoes because aren't they just brilliant?!  Again, very comfortable and the perfect mix of practical and a little bit fun. I love them. Find them here

outfit links = coat / boots / dress (also available in silk rather than velvet, here)

Last but not least the simple classic navy overcoat. The "Tilda" comes in a variety of colours but for me it had to be navy. If I'm making an investment, no matter how reasonably priced, I need to know I'm going to get good wear of it. I could have styled this a billion ways but I wanted to show you how it looked with a dress as I think it would be great for winter wedding outfits. Plus, I just really wanted to wear this dress because I'd seen it in the papers and needed to give it a try!

It's part of Hobbs' Palace Collection which I've been eyeing up for a while. The print on this dress comes in various items; shoes, velvet dress, silk dress, jacket and trousers. Just you try stopping me getting the whole lot!

You can check out other shots from our shoot over on Hobbs website, and shop their full collection of coats here

This post was in collaboration with Hobbs.

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Maja Harder said...

I totally agreee - If the quality isn't nice I wouldn't buy it. It is funny how your priorities change so much as you get older :)

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