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Last year I really regretted not buying a pair of amazing pyjama style printed trousers. I just didn't have the balls to leave the house in them even though I pined over them for weeks(and pinned them to death on Pinterest, obviously). The pair in particular flew off the shelves, bought by those more confident than me, and by the time I'd gathered the guts they'd sold out. This year I was not making the same mistake.

outfit links = blazer / trousers / bag / tee / sunglasses / shoes (on sale)

This pair appeared on And Other Stories' newsletter and I just thought "I'm going in." I eagerly awaited their arrival and paraded around the flat like a mad woman when I tried them on. I really expected the boyfriend to hate them as they're what I would call "man repeller" but he actually loves them and wants me to get a matching jacket (there isn't one sadly, but there is a silk shirt I'm considering here).

outfit links = blazer / trousers / bag / tee / sunglasses / shoes (on sale)

Any way, I decided a more paired-back outfit was best and wore my fancy pants with a few other new autumnal must haves. One thing I love about this time of year is that my thicker blazers get to make an appearance. Last year I had a brilliant one from Reiss with a leather collar (which is actually still available on their outlet for £105 cheaper, here) and this year I've gone for one thats a little bit more "dressy." 

outfit links = blazer / trousers / bag / tee / sunglasses / shoes (on sale)

For me, Reiss blazers really are the best - I sometimes struggle finding stuff that works from me their collections as a lot of it is quite corporate and square. I miss their 1971 collections, anyone else remember them? Any way, the exception to the rule for me is their tailoring because it's really ace. I have 4 of their blazers, one of them is 6 years old. They last, they fit and they are worth the money. My blazer is here, and I love it.

outfit links = blazer / trousers / bag / tee / sunglasses / shoes (on sale)

The tee shirt is an old favourite from Topshop, it's £10 and I just buy them on repeat when the predecessor falls apart, find them here. I was worried a high neck wouldn't work for my shape as can easily look busty, but surprisingly it does especially when paired with something tailored on top. Plus, high necks look far more classy than low ones. The sunglasses are new from Jimmy Choo, they were a gift and I just absolutely love them. I never thought a shoe maker's sunglasses could be any good but they're just brilliant. I love the navy shade too, really unusual. Find them here.

outfit links = blazer / trousers / bag / tee / sunglasses / shoes (on sale)

The shoes, WELL. Lots of you have already seen them from my Instagram (here) but in case you didn't know they're from Finery. Finery shoes are the bestest. I'm always funny about buying shoes from a non-specialist place; they are often an after thought by the brand. But Finery's offering is superb and manages to do the thing many fail to; create Instagram worthy footwear that doesn't make you want/need to chop your feet off in pain after an hour's wear. These shoes are unbelievably comfortable (and for some unknown reason, reduced by 30%) and I'm now saving up for these boots because they're amazing - check out the whole range here.

outfit links = blazer / trousers / bag / tee / sunglasses / shoes (on sale)

Put together, I really love this outfit and love that every single part of it can be worn a billion ways. The trousers tick the "fashion box" enough for me to feel part of the gang at events and also (how did I fail to mention this earlier) are elasticated at the waist meaning when I'm the only person at the dinner to eat all three courses it doesn't show. Since I'm finding no time whatsoever to get to the gym (which is 100 yards from my front door), that's what I deem an essential.

Photography by Claire Menary, portfolio here.

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