Wilderness with San Pellegrino

You guys already know that I'm a tad obsessed with festivals. In particular; UK based festivals with lots of food and friends. When San Pellegrino asked me if I'd like to come along with them (they were the sparkling water sponsors) it didn't take much persuading.

For those who haven't been to Wilderness before, here are a few things to bear in mind. First up; it's full of people of a certain, type. The whole weekend is an avid display of the Overheard At Waitrose twitter feed (see here). The people four tents down from us brought their own pizza oven, and 95% of attendees were beautifully bronzed from trips to their holidays involving boats in France and Croatia.

Personally, I bl**dy loved it - having been to a few of this kind of set up it's my favourite and best "starter" festival for anyone who hasn't been before. If your festival experience requirements are more flat white than white out, this is the place for you. If you've got food requirements (medically, or just because you embrace the hipster life) you'll love it. If you like knitting your own yogurts there is an entire section of the festival for you, where you can also forge your own iron sword and make a flower garland for Instagram wonderfulness.

Yes, you can get a bit loose in the Valley at 2am (which I'd thoroughly recommend) but nobody is going to try and steal your phone. As an example; a friend found a watch in the showers and spent a good few hours trying to return it to it's owner. Who turned out to be Jon Snow (not the newsreader, sadly). Only at Wilderness.

Despite spending a lot of time in champagne tent, we camped like proper people. We didn't do the boutique camping thing like the majority of influencers who went. This was better for many, many reasons but the main one being how closely located I was to the cheese toastie stand. Seriously, I could have shouted my order from my tent. Even when it rained "beyond the wall style" the fromage made it all ok. 

The other thing that made my weekend was my genuine, authentic love of San Pellegrino and it being on tap everywhere I went. In all seriousness, when I was approached earlier in the summer about a 4 month long partnership it was one of the quickest "yes" I've ever done for a project. The SP team provided fizzy water and their sparkling drinks to all food stations, meaning I could chug it down from breakfast (goes well with porridge) to night (goes equally well with 3am toasties).

The bit they'd probably prefer I refer to was their cocktail bar at Cafe Murano (Angela Hartnett's restaurant, if you haven't been - go). I'd never thought of making cocktails from SP but that isn't going to be a mistake ever again. We drank ones made with their Aranciata and Limonata (thats orangeade and lemonade in case you hadn't twigged) and I've been making them myself at home, here are the recipes =

Santa Chiara; 40 ml. Vodka (Ketel One or Russian Std, melon juice/syrup, 2 slice of fresh cucumber. Top up with San Pellegrino Limonata.

Santa Fe; 40 ml white rum, pineapple juice, lime juice, dress with 6 fresh basil leaves. Top up with San Pellegrino Aranciata.

Santa Rosalia; 40 ml. tequila, lemon juice, fresh grapefruit juice. Top up with San Pellegrino Aranciata Rossa 

I didn't go to a festival until I was 25 and had avoided it for many reasons. One of them was it seemed really clique-y and I didn't know what to wear. Everyone looks so damn cool and I'm not one for scantily-clad ness. Nobody needs to see me in a glittery body con one piece. No. One thing I would say is no-one really cares and the whole point of a festival is to relax and have fun. But, here are my tips on a few items I'd recommend buying so you feel like you, but part of the festival tribe.

outfit links = dress / similar here / wellies / coat / cardigan

Generally speaking you can wear anything. I mean, imagine me walking around the street at home looking like the above!? I just got to the point that I put on everything I enjoyed wearing at once. Why the hell not? Brands like Free People, Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters are good if you want to buy new stuff (though I really wish there was a filter for "non flesh bearing" items because on some of the sites it's just a bit mental).

Silk bomber jacket = As a rule, buy stuff you can throw on and the more mis matched the better. This was an accidentally smart move; it happened to be in the car when we arrived. It's brightly coloured enough and has some detailing. Mine is from And Other Stories, love this newer version here.

white slogan tee / floral top /silk bomber jacket / red floral dress / white floral dress / green dot dress

Off the shoulder anything = You don't need to get all your limbs out to fit in, as I discovered. The majority of people were in jean shorts and some kind of boho top. Off the shoulder tops are the best as they look relaxed, and avoid any tan line trauma. I am absolutely obsessed with Free People for things like this, this one is a must have.

T-shirt dresses = The majority of girls seemed to be wearing these. They don't crease in your tent and if you get a patterned one the food and drink stains from the first evening are hard to spot on the Sunday. Mine was from ASOS, a last minute decision that I ended up living in, here. This one is also great, in fact I just added it to my basket for next year.

Sunglasses - Get some crazy ones! Why not, you're at a festival! Mine were Fendi ones, which were great but in truth I'd recommend sticking with the high street as I was constantly worried I'd put them down somewhere so it's probably better to pay less so if you lose them it's not the end of the world

green dot dress / boho top / maxi dress / blue and pink top / jeans / white floral dress

Glitter = Go with it. Put it on your face, in your hair, in your beard (if applicable). Accept that you're going to have it in your hair for a week. It's the new sign you've been to festivals and will be the talking point amongst friends and colleagues for weeks. Don't bother buying it in advance, all the festivals have them and don't kick off when it costs £10 because when you look back on your pictures 

Barbour = An oldie but a goodie, in fact the older and smellier the better. I dug mine out of the cupboard for it and was so glad I did. Get yours here.

Wellies = Lets be honest, it does have to be Hunters. The standard green ones give off an air of "I do this regularly) and remember to through them in a puddle or two before you arrive just to make sure you don't look too obviously "city."

outfit links = silk bomber jacket / t shirt / dress (worn as a skirt) / trainers / sunglasses

Expect totally barmy activities, such as a Goodies VS Baddies cricket match on Sunday afternoon where Joffrey, Hitler and the guy from Silence of the Lambs take on Batman, Superman and Jeremy Corbyn - commentary being given out from a Pimms branded red bus. Eat as much as you can get your hands on (even the wood pigeon kebabs were good... Only at Wilderness) and bother to go to some talks because they had some amazing speakers.

Other tips I'd give more specifically for Wilderness is book stuff. There is so much to do, from lake swimming to hotdog throwing (will make sense to anyone who went). Do bother going to a banquet. We went to Wahaca founder Thomasina Miers' one and heard great things about The Pig and Petersham Nurseries ones. Less great reviews of Deliciously Ella, but I'm going to give her the benefit of the doubt as having eaten in her cafe in London I really rate her grub - even as a cheese eating, greedy carnivore.

All in all, Wilderness is a firm fixture in my summer and I cannot recommend it enough. Whether you're with your partner, with a bunch of friends or part of a 20-strong hen do Wilderness can work for you. Thank you SO much for San Pellegrino team for the tickets.


elizabethllaura said...

I think you may well have converted me to be a festival go-er. This looks so fab!! Thank you xx

Unknown said...

Hi, where did you get this cute floral top? And the other one, the black floral pheasant top? Thanks!

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