Cashmere Coziness with The White Company

I'm not sure about you but September seems to have gone in a second. It's October next week! Work has been crazy and I'm not sure if it's me but the shorter days seem to put even more pressure to get more done during the days. For us bloggers, gone are the days of lazed evening shoots, at least until next year!

cashmere sweater (best ever, it's the one you've been asking about on Instagram) / cashmere joggers / grey throw

With all the pressures of work at the moment I'm trying to use my free time better and really take the time to indulge myself with a few little additions. When The White Company approached me about working together again on a cashmere story, it fitted so neatly with where I'm "at" right now that I jumped at the chance. I thought I'd show you a few things I'm doing at the moment to help me establish some calm. Cashmere for me is just such a joy; it's naff to say but wearing it does make life better. With that in mind, heres an insight into our Sunday mornings...

My own flat is a bit too dark and pokey to shoot in, so we used it as an excuse to visit the Little Cotswolds Cottage again. We've stayed here three times now and it's the perfect place for an autumn cool-down if you live in the city (or just have a bl**dy busy life). I've come with Gus, I've come with couple friends, and groups - I really couldn't recommend it any more. The interiors were already decked out in The White Company stuff too so it made for a very easy set!

First up; indulging in tea-making time. Last month I attended a tea making course and it wasn't until then that I made the connection of brewing a cup of tea with an excuse for five minutes to myself. Getting up and leaving your desk, or just starting your day in the kitchen, waiting for the kettle to boil - rather than see it as a frustration instead turn it around and enjoy the few minutes you get to just breathe. 

I've only recently discovered matcha teas and I'm really fussy with them. I once tried one that must have been made incorrectly as it just tasted like stuff from a lawnmower (not that I've tried it) but having given it another go I've come to really like it. I found a place in Hampstead that makes them perfectly but after I instagrammed about trying to find my own at-home recipe I discovered Vivid Matcha

Their satchets that come with just the right about of powder for you to mix with water, add to shakes or, in my case, add to hot almond milk for a brilliant matcha latte. Matcha is essentially just super refined green tea, so comes with all the benefits. I find it less hard-hitting that coffee in the morning so I'm trying to be "still" for the day rather than "up and at 'em" it's a really great start to the day.

Next, a bath. Baths in the day time feel so luxurious and almost a bit cheeky but if I'm taking some time out it's the first thing I do. The cottage has a roll top bath in the main bedroom (life goals right there) so I lined up my favourite restorative beauty bits and let the bubbles build in the tub! I've just shot a YouTube video of my beauty favourites here but here is a breakdown of the things I find particularly good for when I'm tired (and it shows on my skin).

So, I call these my "tiredness trio" and I'm pretty bl**dy happy with them. After a face mask (beady eyes will have spotted my favourites in the background, watch my YouTube video to see which ones I recommend here. When I'm done in the bath I first put on some The Ordinary Caffeine Serum. It does exactly what caffeine does to our insides; wakes us up! If I'm feeling a bit "meh" in the morning this stuff really does pick me up and gets rid of the dullness straight away - for £6!

Next, I put a spray of the Skin and Tonic Rose Oil. This is a friend's brand and I can't recommend them more - the company was found from her own struggles with her skin and are totally organic. Amazing for sensitive skins and made in a super cool warehouse in Hackney. The Rose Oil calms tired and sometimes spot inflamed (due to being run down) skin and just feels really quite nice. It's also got glycerin and Aloe Vera in - so you get a real burst of skin nutrition in one teeny little bottle.

Last but by no means least; REN Perfect Canvas. I mean what a creation! I'd been using this for months but couldn't talk about it, which killed me because it's just so good and I wanted to share. It's just come out, so now I can use a properly packaged one - before that I was reliant on a lab sample! Perfect Canvas does a lot, like loads. It picks up, radiates, smooths, calms - it's basically a really good serum as a primer or (if like me) you don't want to wear any make up, just wear this and you'll look "out of the house suitable" without caking your skin in products - giving it the rest you need.

After a bath everything feels better. One thing I love to do is put on clean, ironed pyjamas after a bath - ideally in the middle of the day. It feels gloriously lazy, and also makes the statement to anyone in your house that the front door is your boundary for the day. I'd also recommend getting a fluffy white dog to play with because they're really fun for Sundays, even when they're impatient on the tickling front...

Have to say that jumping into some cashmere after a bath is pretty nice, this jumper really is quite special and the hood makes is all the more cozy. Curl up with a good book (puppy optional but recommended) and a big glass of wine cup of tea and let the hours slip away. Give yourself a proper digital detox and flick through the pages rather than your Instagram feed...

Here's a little secret; every year for the last 5 or so, as soon as the clocks go back I buy myself a pair of The White Company's cashmere socks. They're just so much better than normal socks and it's kind become an annual tradition now. Yes, they're a little bit of an extravangance but they're so special - also make brilliant gifts for people when you just can't think of anything!

pink cashmere socks (available in 4 colours)

Finally, I really want to make a special mention of The White Company's new Rhubarb scent because it's insane. I'd been looking for a candle that bridged the gap between lighter, summery smells and heavy, woody winter ones - and this is it! As with all of their candles they pack a punch and scent the room in seconds - I've had it burning at home in London and my next door neighbour asked me what it was! Anyway, thats my last recommendation for this post - I'm off to run (yet another) bath...

This post was written in collaboration with The White Company, all styling and content my own.

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