The Easy Peasy Floral Dress

Here I am in Rome again around Navona, during my favourite time of day. After a day exploring the city we'd gone back to the hotel to freshen up and then head out to towards Piazza Navona for a couple of drinks before dinner. This time of day is called "La Passeggiata" in Italian; meaning that its when locals go for a stroll and socialise with each other. Everyone comes out to play; I love watching the elderly locals sit on the steps and put the world to rights whilst holding a glass of vino!

We found a bar on one of the side roads of the Piazza for a drink. This was an "Italian Mojito" that aside from the usual ingredients had basil (instead of mint) and slices of chilli. The waiter also used sparkling water (San Pellegrino, obviously) instead of lemonade. I'm not usually one for spicy stuff but mixed with the brown sugar this was amazing! So easy to do, will remake at home! As with all Italian bars they also gave us a selection of antipasti to try. I can't explain how much "yellow food" I consumed in 3 days, enough to fill a bakery....

I'm not sure about you but I'm on holiday, particularly one where I'm just doing hand luggage, I need outfits I can throw in my case and throw on. I don't even really want to think about what I'm wearing, the focus is all on having a good time! Ideally I'll go for patterned stuff so little marks don't show because I want to wear it more than once (laziness is high on the agenda when it comes to holiday styling). I found this little River Island dress just before I set off (lets take a moment to recognise how speedy their postage is) and knew it would be good. You can scrunch it up in your bag (the fabric is non crease) and be quite mean to it, and it still looks good!

Floral dresses are very on trend at the moment (hate saying that, but they're everywhere) and I love them. They're a brilliant half way house if you're a bit like me - stuck between a tom boy the need for a bit of pretty. Above are my favourite ones at the moment, including this one from Topshop which is on it's way to me as I type!

Without meaning to, my holiday stuff often ends up being a mix of red, blue and denim. I took my Gucci bag solely because it was what all my cards and coins were in as I left, but it ended up working a treat as it went with everything. I bought this back in January as a winter pick me up when the wind was howling outside and the heating wasn't working... I'm so, so pleased with it.  I use it every week and the colour gets commented on all the time. Size wise this is the smaller one (which I was worried about) and it fits my phone, keys, wallet, sunglasses and bits and bobs in easily. Also, someone once recommend me to always use a brightly coloured bag on city breaks as they're harder for someone to pinch without being spotted. I have no idea if theres any truth to that, but it's something I always bear in mind. 

My colour has sold out but I see them crop up on Vestiaire (here) all the time. I know it sounds ridiculous but given the success of the blue one I'm really considering getting the light pink one from the new season, here. I can't decide between that and the new colour Soho bag. Having had one last summer I know the Soho is a bit bigger but do I really need that extra space?! Argh... Any help appreciated... The Soho is here.

Shoes wise I can't recommend my Supergas enough. I really wanted Converse to work for me as I think they look great one but they tore apart my feet. I avoided Superga for as long as I could as I didn't want to be all "Middleton" but I've succumbed to the comfiness... For a city break you just can't get any better! 

Photos taken on the Olympus Pen 7 here using the 25mm lens here

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