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links to outfit = jumpsuit, old (similar top and trousers) / shoes / bag / rings

Sometimes fashion just doesn't really matter and you should just wear the things that make you happy. For me, that's this jumpsuit. I bought this last year and I knew it was love the minute I saw it for real. It represents everything I love about fashion; it was pretty cheap (from ASOS), it's easy to wear, it's slightly oversize but comes in at the waist and it's got bright coloured embroidery detail. On top of that, it created my nickname "Andy Pandy" to kick off - a nickname I am more than happy to own as I love a fun jumpsuit.

links to outfit = jumpsuit, old (similar top and trousers) / shoes / bag / rings

I always take it on holidays with me as it's a brilliant "I don't know what to wear" outfit. These photos were taken in Rome on our first day. We took them at the top of the road of our hotel on Via Giulia in the Navona district. It was baking hot and we were hot, bothered and thirsty. 

links to outfit = jumpsuit, old (similar top and trousers) / shoes / bag / rings

We didn't know the history of the fountain at the time, but were bl**dy glad we stumbled upon it. Having researched, it's called the Farnese fountain and was originally inside the gardens of The Farnese palace (now on the other side of the street). Commissioned by the Farnese family, they wanted an "old" Roman bathtub in their backyard to be turned into a more purposeful ornament. They managed to get wine to flow from it, twenty four seven. However, when one of the younger sons in the family looked set to become Pope (but the family's partying habit was a concern) they moved it over the road and pumped fresh water out of it - a charitable offering to the locals. It worked, he was ordained a few months later. Any way, enough of the history... 

links to outfit = jumpsuit, old (similar top and trousers) / shoes / bag / rings

I get asked about this jumpsuit quite a bit, and you really can't get it anymore. However, when I was in Rome I popped into Mango and spotted this top and these trousers which are very, very similar (in fact I bought the trousers for Wilderness next month). Equally the t shirt version here is great (as are the brand Pins and Needles for this kind of thing... If you've got a little bit more funding, then this jumpsuit might tick the box for you (to be fair it's a decent bargain now it's in the sale, I'm tempted).

links to outfit = jumpsuit, old (similar top and trousers) / shoes / bag / rings

Equally, and this going off on a tangent but sod it, having looked up good "embroidered jumpsuits" to help you find one like this one I ended up spending a good 10 minutes on Free People. For those that don't know, this company is part of the Urban Outfitters group and is brilliant for anyone looking to do that "easy boho" look without breaking the bank (admittedly some of their stuff can get pricey but they have a really, really good sale on at the moment).

For example everyone is after lemon printed stuff at the moment and this jumpsuit is lush, equally since Gucci did the whole silk/green floral thing everyone has been after stuff like this. Other goodies include this polka dot one, this denim one (omg I need it) and who doesn't need something that'll cover them in gingham like this right now?! If you're in any way unsure about jumpsuits, I really recommend them. As a curvy, sometimes tubby, short girl I really didnt think they'd work for me, but now live in them.

links to outfit = jumpsuit, old (similar top and trousers) / shoes / bag / rings

Back to Rome and can we just agree that Italy does evenings better than anywhere else in the world? I mean for a start they know how to make Aperol Spritz' properly. Strong and big. They also usually throw in free food because they realise that thirsty people become hungry people quite quickly and if you feed them they'll stay put longer, and drink more. Simples. We sat in Piazza di Farnese and watched the world go by. I actually spent most of the time looking at an old lady in her best clothes, sat on her own covered in amazing cocktail jewellery, work her way through a bottle of wine in 20 minutes. When I grow old, I want to do that.

I guess the other thing I should mention here are my shoes as they've been on my feet all summer. They're from Seven Boot Lane and the first pair I've had from them that haven't been boots. I wasn't sure about the slight platform to start with but they're so comfortable I've worn them to death (only wished I used a suede protector because I wore them in the rain too and its stained them a bit... Ah well, new pair for next year is on the cards...

 links to outfit = jumpsuit, old (similar top and trousers) / shoes / bag / rings

Photos taken on the Olympus Pen 7 here using the 25mm lens here

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