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Believe it or not, I struggle with holiday style. I know that probably sounds a bit daft what with being a so-called fashion influencer, but this was very much by accident (my blog was anonymous for two and a half years for a reason) and I didn't ever expect to me putting my own style, on me, online when I started out. I've been feeling a bit like I haven't defined my own style for a while now, and when summer came along it only heightened the feeling.

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It took a seriously long (and messy) haul through my own wardrobe. I got rid of a lot; either to local charity shops or via Katie who sells on influencers' clothes through her Instagram here. It wasn't until this outfit, whilst in Rome, that I felt I got my mo-jo back. I know it probably sounds a bit arrogant but this "look" defines everything I enjoy about wearing clothes. The tee shirt fits (more on that later, it was found in the least expected place), the skirt is stripey and cheap, the shoes are colourful and comfortable, the sunglasses fit my face, the jewellery is subtle - and the bag is expensive and I'm bl**dy proud I own it. So here's a little more about everything...

links to outfit items: t shirt / skirt / sunglasses / bag / espadrilles / hoop earrings

I'd moaned away on Instagram about never being able to find good tee shirts. I went through a phase of buying expensive ones which were the closest thing to perfect I could find, and swore never to buy cheap ones again. This summer I wanted ones that were fitted (not in the bodycon sense, but didn't drown me) with a high neck - scoop necks open up my chest and make me look frumpier - lesson learned from a stylist friend - they're great for flat chested girls but for anyone over a B cup, no.

Hampstead isn't the best for clothes shopping, it has to be said. Unless you're prepared to part with £300 for a dress. However a store opened up near the station called Brandy Melville. Having researched, it's an Australian brand and seems to be what Jack Wills was to me at university; the thing to have if you're under 20. They do soft coloured basics, and the teens love it.It's clearly the place to hang out too. I went it whilst waiting for a friend and felt too old (as did the rest of the customers, I definitely got some judging looks) and could probably parent most of their usual customer base.

But, I found the tee shirt of dreams for £14! I knew it would fit perfectly, I'm quite good at spotting things now. The fabric was taught enough to hold my boobs (ironic as I doubt many of their clients have them without socks), the sleeves are capped to perfection and the cut is just right to show my shape without being too tight. They have them in a million colours, check out where your nearest one is, here. Do it.

links to outfit items: t shirt / skirt / sunglasses / bag / espadrilles / hoop earrings

The knot earrings are another Kiki McDonough pair, here. They are without a doubt my favourite from the brand, I borrowed these as part of my project with them (read about it here) and am now saving up to buy them for myself for Christmas. They're very much my style and I'm so glad the project put them on my radar.

links to outfit items: t shirt / skirt / sunglasses / bag / espadrilles / hoop earrings

The skirt is another purchase I'm quite proud of, here. I really love midi skirts but I struggle with them. Anything that fastens on the side doesn't work for me and makes my stomach stick out, or at least in head (which may as well be the reality as I believe when you don't feel good in clothes, you don't look good in clothes). This one is perfect because it's got a thick, elasticated waist which means not only can you adjust it but you can also use it as Spanx. Seriously! 

Get the look

I'm not sure what the fabric is but I've thrown it in suitcases and not been very kind to it and it still comes out looking good. I even tumble dried it and without ironing it looks like this (in photos). For £22 I think it's pretty epic. It's from ASOS which is totally hit and miss; when I got this I ordered about 10 things and this was the only thing that stayed... (if you are plus sized, for some reason the ASOS curve version is now only £15, here).

links to outfit items: t shirt / skirt / sunglasses / bag / espadrilles / hoop earrings
The espadrilles are my first ever YouTube induced purchase. I'd seen lots of these flying through my Instagram feed but it was Lydia's video that pushed me over the edge and made me purchase. I was really worried they'd hurt my feet and were just expensive for the sake of it. Let me explain why they are expensive; most espadrilles are just made from solid rope soles which ultimately kills your feet as they're too hard. Castaner's have some kind of sponge centre which means they bend and shape your foot, meaning you can wear them all day, as I did in Rome.

I've actually just bought my second pair as I've come around to wedges now. I got these ones from Net A Porter for a wedding in September. The wedding is in a garden and so heels were out just in case the ground was unstable or a bit damp (it's in the UK after all). Above is a selection of my favourites, and I know I'd ordinarily seek out high street versions but as a true convert I am sticking by them being worth the price, so haven't given you cheaper options. Find the whole range, here.
links to outfit items: t shirt / skirt / sunglasses / bag / espadrilles / hoop earrings

The bag I've banged on about a lot, so I won't hammer the point too hard. However, I really do still recommend it if you're anything like me and just want for an easy life. It goes with everything (I'm still considering buying the pale pink version for the same reason) fits everything I need into it and - dare I say it - gets commented on a lot which always feels nice. Finally the sunglasses were bought after stealing Emma's for this post, I was really surprised how much they suited my round face - and finally tracked them down via Mr Porter here.

Photos taken on the Olympus Pen 7 here using the 25mm lens here

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