My Happy Outfit

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Sometimes fashion just doesn't really matter and you should just wear the things that make you happy. For me, that's this jumpsuit. I bought this last year and I knew it was love the minute I saw it for real. It represents everything I love about fashion; it was pretty cheap (from ASOS), it's easy to wear, it's slightly oversize but comes in at the waist and it's got bright coloured embroidery detail. On top of that, it created my nickname "Andy Pandy" to kick off - a nickname I am more than happy to own as I love a fun jumpsuit.

links to outfit = jumpsuit, old (similar top and trousers) / shoes / bag / rings

I always take it on holidays with me as it's a brilliant "I don't know what to wear" outfit. These photos were taken in Rome on our first day. We took them at the top of the road of our hotel on Via Giulia in the Navona district. It was baking hot and we were hot, bothered and thirsty. 

Finding The Perfect City Break Outfit

Believe it or not, I struggle with holiday style. I know that probably sounds a bit daft what with being a so-called fashion influencer, but this was very much by accident (my blog was anonymous for two and a half years for a reason) and I didn't ever expect to me putting my own style, on me, online when I started out. I've been feeling a bit like I haven't defined my own style for a while now, and when summer came along it only heightened the feeling.

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It took a seriously long (and messy) haul through my own wardrobe. I got rid of a lot; either to local charity shops or via Katie who sells on influencers' clothes through her Instagram here. It wasn't until this outfit, whilst in Rome, that I felt I got my mo-jo back. I know it probably sounds a bit arrogant but this "look" defines everything I enjoy about wearing clothes. The tee shirt fits (more on that later, it was found in the least expected place), the skirt is stripey and cheap, the shoes are colourful and comfortable, the sunglasses fit my face, the jewellery is subtle - and the bag is expensive and I'm bl**dy proud I own it. So here's a little more about everything...


Mango Red Dress

Can we just have a moment for Mango, please? I've bought so much from there this summer which is a total first for me. Before, I really thought everything was for Spanish skinnies and the idea of trying on their trousers filled me with dread. Equally, their tops and dresses were just a bit... cheap. Even though the Oxford Street store was bang in the middle of everywhere else I'd nip into, I'd never go there. Now, that's all changed...

links to products = red dress (if it sells out, v similar here) / shoes (in sale) / bag / leather jacket (just seen) / sunglasses

When I was in Rome the other week I was happily going through my emails when I spotted one from the brand titled "Boho Revival" (here is the edit if you're interested). I quickly bought the lot. The lot. Longer term followers will know I'm a bit obsessed with anything embroidered and boho, so these trousers were first in my basket (going to wear them solidly at Wilderness). Shortly behind it was this. The red dress... It used to be the "Special K" look but roll forward a few years into the times of social media and everyone is after the "emoji perfect" dress (and I've found it).

Kiki McDonough's Jemima Collection

Here I am in my happy place. There is literally nowhere in the world I prefer to wander than Rome. Followers of my Instagram will know that last week we spent a few days in the Italian capital doing just that. Having spent the majority of my childhood holidays in Italy, and a road trip last year I was absolutely bursting get back. So, when British jeweller Kiki McDonough showed me her new Roman inspired Jemima Collection and asked me to share it with you all, I instantly saw it as an opportunity to get on a plane...



The Easy Peasy Floral Dress

Here I am in Rome again around Navona, during my favourite time of day. After a day exploring the city we'd gone back to the hotel to freshen up and then head out to towards Piazza Navona for a couple of drinks before dinner. This time of day is called "La Passeggiata" in Italian; meaning that its when locals go for a stroll and socialise with each other. Everyone comes out to play; I love watching the elderly locals sit on the steps and put the world to rights whilst holding a glass of vino!

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