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This week feels very sad in the UK as we come to terms with news of a terrorist attack in Manchester. How somebody can comprehend the mere idea of harming children is just so far beyond me, or anyone of sane mind... Part of me feels completely ridiculous talking to you about clothes, but the other side of me feels that the aftermath is part of what this awful person wanted and by pausing our everyday we're letting them win. So I thought today rather than the usual top-to-toe-stare-with-a-considered-tone-into-the-air pictures, I'd try and be a little more... Well, this would be considered an outtake:

Before I start, I'd just like to say that as terrible as the events of last night were it's reassuring to see all Britons come together with such force and love. We're at a strange point in our countries' history with an incredibly unstable political set-up and an unclear economic future. Thats without considering the (now ever more obvious) problems around religious extremism, or the horrors going on outside of our borders. 

I was already struggling to decide my own identity as I find myself torn over so many subjects whilst deciding how to cast my vote but one thing has become clear to me - when we need to, and I mean really need to, we become one. I'm proud to be British.

It's really easy to get swept up in the black/white/denim thing, in fact it often makes sense to. I keep to this palette for the majority of my basics, particularly the more expensive items. My default outfit for being a bit smarter is a blazer, jeans and tee. I'll run around town in flats, but throw on some heels around the corner of my meeting. When I saw this blazer in the window at Reiss I knew I had to have it. Annoyingly you can't quite see from these pictures but it has really cool leather cuffs and collar detail. I know I'll wear this for years to come, the fabric is great as it's quite thick and structured so works as a coat in this "are we or aren't we doing summer?" weather. Find it here.

Followers of my Instagram will know how happy I am with my jeans, here. Emma popped over to mine a few weeks and had them on. They were exactly what I was looking for; firm denim, ankle grazing (mine are the 26 inch leg and I'm 5 foot 4ish), light blue and straight leg. They're from a brand called Dr Denim here, and are stocked on ASOS. I'd seen some on Net A Porter I liked but they were £200 if not more. I do believe in spending well on denim but only if you really have to. Emma raved about them so I bought them on the spot. I went an inch smaller than usual as they had sold out in my regular size. As much as there were a few tears trying to get them on for the first time (and I live in fear of having to wash them) I'm really glad I did as they stretch out a little on the leg with wear. Find them here, and hurry because they sell out fast.

Accessories wise I think I go a little against the grain when I say this is how I like to show my personality and add some va-va-voom to my outfits. Yes, I get that a black or blue bags "goes with" so much more but actually I don't want mine to "go with" anything, I want it to stand out. This bag is the Mariel from L.K.Bennett. I have them in a couple of colours now as they're great for fitting in all you need to pop out - the yellow one is here, and you can browse the full colour range here. Shoes wise, these are also from LKB. They've got an espadrille base which I love and they're amazingly comfortable. Being multicoloured, they weirdly go with everything!

Ooh and before I go, I really should mention the tee shirt because it's been the bargain find of the year. It's £5 from ASOS (part of a pack of 3). I usually harp on about the importance of spending money on basics but I bought this on a whim and haven't looked back (in fact have bought two more packs in case they don't last that long). They survive the tumble drier really well, and the fabric is a lovely mix of fitting well, soft and not too tight. Find them here.

Photography by Amelia Allen, here.

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Love this outfit!! Great jacket!!

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