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How I'd missed Croatia off my travel list until two years ago I'll never understand. I first visited the country, and Dubrovnik, two years ago for a short break and fell in love with everything it has to offer. If you like laid-back, paired-back European breaks look no further - this place has all of the very best features of France, Spain, Italy and Greece without hefty price tag. When Sun Gardens  asked us to come check out their hotel, having recently joined the Leading Hotels Of The World it really didn't take much to get me on a plane...

Located a simple 20 minute drive from Dubrovnik old town, Sun Gardens is the perfect "fly and flop" destination. If like us you just need to recharge your batteries and get some sunshine, this is the place to do it. From it's beautiful rooms (with enormous bath tubs and coastal views) right through the an incredible spa (we're talking six types of sauna...) and fitness suite - it really is quite something. As it's so big with so many options for places to eat (that don't feel one ounce "resorty") you really don't need to venture far until you can't resist the beautiful city; we didn't leave the complex for the first two days. Oh, and the breakfasts need a special mention because they're absolutely amazing

We took these photos at the end of the first night of our break. We'd spent the day doing nothing other than relaxing and reconnecting. Both of us had been passing like ships in the night and even though we make a big effort for "us" time it was the first time in 2017 that we'd had a full day together without plans, commitments, or other people.

 Sun Gardens has three swimming pools, each with their own bars (and spotless facilities) but we were discovering our favourite spot as these pictures were taken; the marina, during that lovely part of the day when it's still warm and the sun goes all golden-y. The hotel was built on a very small little port and it's all still there. They've created it into a series of little beaches and terraces to sunbathe on. Heaven. 

We should probably talk about my jacket because lots of you have been asking me about it. It's from And Other Stories and from the moment it's arrived it's been on me (unless I've been sunbathing or in torrential rain, the two contradictory weathers any Brit will know well in May). It's possibly the cosiest piece of clothing I have ever owned. It's silk inside and out so it's basically like wearing a hug. I've popped a few other options including a few more from Stories below, but to be honest I really recommend buying this one and this one only.

The rest of my holiday wardrobe consisted of easy-peasy basics that I can wear over and over again. I found this cami in Gap the day before we left. It's supposed to be to sleep in but I often buy from Gap's nightwear range as it's cheaper than the mainline (this was £20). The shorts are years old from Topshop, but the style is still available here. From memory I went a size up in them as it's all about being comfortable when you're away particularly when it's really hot.

My beach bag is by my friend Lizzie of Elizabeth Scarlett. Unless you've been living under a rock you'll have seen her pouches (if you haven't I won't tell anyone, but go and check them out here) as everyone has them. She'c recently launched the new palm-leaf print and unsurprisingly the pieces available in it have virtually sold out (she'll want me to tell you that she's getting more stock soon, so here I am doing just that). One of the items was this fancy pants beach bag. It doubled up as my carry on as it's so big and genuinely has a water proof pouch inside for wet swimsuits. Find it here

During the holiday I did all the things I'd been meaning to do for months. This included writing to friends properly, finishing books I'd had on the shelf since Christmas and a brand new one called Ice Cream for Breakfast by my Instagram friend, Laura. Laura is one of those people you just sort of fall in love with and want in your life. Lindsey introduced me to her a year or so again (online, as thats normal these days...) and I read her first book Becoming a few weeks later. 

I won't spoil the plot of Becoming but essentially it's about Laura losing her sh*t and then getting it all back together like a girl boss. It's something we can all relate to I'd imagine and her frank honestly is hilarious in parts, and tearjerking in others. Ice Cream was written after Laura's life-changing job as a nanny to three little ones made her realise that sometimes being childlike (not to be mistaken for childish) is the best way to be. It's the perfect holiday read and I can't recommend it enough. I came back from this break raring to go (and ready to be silly and bouncy when I need to be).


Given how much we love Croatia and it being a total failsafe of a destination it would have taken a lot for us not to enjoy our break, but this holiday was perfect. Our shoulders went down inches by about day three, and Sun Gardens really is the place to make that happen. As somebody who usually avoids resorts I really do recommend it as a brilliant break for either couples, girlfriends or even young families (the hotel has babysitting services, kids clubs and is childproofed to an inch of it's life). We will absolutely, most definitely, with out a doubt be back! 

Thank you Sun Gardens Dubrovnik for hosting us on this trip. Photographs taken using the Olympus PL7 here and their 45mm lens here.


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