Finery Floral Culottes

You'll have to have been living under a rock if you haven't heard of Finery, at least if you work in anything close to the fashion industry. The brand stormed onto the scene just over two years ago with a clear purpose: to dress women well in good staples with a twist, for a high street price. I think they've done that very, very well.

Despite having oohed and ahhed over their previous collections (once out loud in public when I spotted a checked print dress go past me on the side of a bus) this is the first season I've bought into, financially speaking. Like I've mentioned before, I get a bit nervous of buying pieces from brands with a Scandinavian edge as they're often not good for hobbits like me. But I thought I'd give it a go...

Finery are good for their prints, ask everyone who bought that checked dress last year or those on the waiting list for this to come back into stock (erm, which it seems to be in all sizes so bl**dy hurry!). When I saw the "Hungarian" print in a press release I knew I had to have something from it. It comes in a tunic here that I loved but wasn't sure would suit my boobs, I then saw the culottes here made them mine. The fabric is brilliant and usually side-zip trousers leave me leaving a bit on the chubby side but I felt super confident in these...

I paired them with a steal of a top from ASOS here which I spied for £25 one night when I couldn't sleep, a pastime I now call "moonlight basketing." I was in such a trance the other having not had more than 4 hours kip that I was completely baffled when it arrived! I had been saving it for my holiday but it works really well with jeans and printed skirts/culotes/trousers - and it hides the ugly bits of my arms that I hate!

Accessories wise, you'll have seen I've been a bit of an enthusiast for L.K.Bennett's latest collection. These are for Gus' sister's wedding in September but I just couldn't keep them in the box. They're perfect for running around town in all day, and they're not the price of the Aquazzura ones I'd been musing after for god knows how long. Lastly the bag is Vera, Instagram people know I name them all (yes I know that's crazy). Vera joined me via Bicester last year - and was very nearly joined by a new one (that I named Ruby) yesterday when I visited the shopping centre for work. I managed to resist... but may go back tomorrow. Argh.

Photography, Amelia Allen here.

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