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I knew I wanted a gingham pencil skirt as soon as I saw them on the runway back in September at the fashion weeks. As my Instagram Stories here will have told you I had a bit of a trial and error finding one. At first I tried a red and white one from ASOS but it made me look like I worked in a diner (nothing wrong with that, but as I don't it could look a bit weird at a meeting). Then I tracked down this one at Topshop and it's been love ever since...

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It's navy and white (rather than black which it kind of looks like in the pictures) which means it takes the formality out of it, and the ruffles make it very flattering. I used to be really nervous about pencil skirts on my shape, I assumed I was too short and too curvy. What I've learned is that they're actually really good for me - I wear them a lot. The secret I find is making sure they are cut on the bias (Google it) and they're not a silk or satin based fabric as that opens up a whole new level of questionable lumps and bumps in areas girls don't want them. If you really aren't into the shape, I found this one at ASOS.

full outfit details at the base of this post

I've been wearing the skirt with denim tops and white shirts but I dug out this cropped knit from my collaboration with Jaeger last week and it's the perfect length (which is great because it had been sat in the cupboard since I'd worn it on the shoot day as the denim pencil skirt I paired with it has disappeared...). It's really soft and the bell sleeves give you a really lovey silhouette, ie: you feel quite slim in it - and that comes from someone who really hates their arms. For the quality it's not even that expensive, find it here. It's got me looking for additional options; I found this one in the sale at ASOS, and this one from Millie Mackintosh's new range is incredible too.

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Ooh and the boots. Of dreams. I love a good ankle boot but it's been a while since I've found a pair good enough to deviate from my solid collection. I found these when I went to Reiss at the crack of dawn last month (I had the Regent Street store to myself because we had a courier issue I'm a queen which was ACE). They're a butter soft leather but not the kind you worry about scratching as soon as you walk out the door... The little gold detail (you can't really see in these pictures, so have a look here) is really luxe looking, a few friends have assumed they're designer. I've always been a fan of Reiss shoes, and this pair have just deepened the feeling...

full outfit details at the base of this post

In other news, I'm really digging February. Not sure about anyone else but January was rubbish. It wasn't helped with being wiped out with something I can only describe as swine flu for a fortnight, but on top of that me (and several of my friends and family) just had bad news, after bad luck, after silly run with a deranged landlord from two years previous... February has been much more sedate and all the hard work seems to be paying off! Oooh and I've finally after thirty two years got a gym buddy... Lizzie and I are going 3/4 times a week and we've nailed a routine. The fact I wore an outfit that shows my tum demonstrates how much better I'm feeling about myself. Once we're a little more into it I'm going to post our routines because we have ab lines and this doesn't happen to people like us... Stay tuned!

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Photos taken using the Olympus PL7 at John Lewis here.

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