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Ever so often blogging feels really good. Like really good. Speaking truthfully, after six years (six years?!) of having the blog you kind of become numb to the majority of perks. We're damn lucky and it's easy to forget... But one moment I felt instantly grateful for was when the lovely Boodles team invited a few of us over to Antwerp on a whirlwind trip to the discover the "diamond district" - I didn't even know there was a diamond district so was instantly excited to discover more...

outfit details at the base of this post

We spent a day inside the notoriously private and confidential world of diamond dealing, including playing about with £17 million worth of jewels. I had absolutely no idea about the intricacies of the industry - nor how heavily regulated it is. 80% of the world's rough diamonds pass through Antwerp, 50% of the polished ones do too - so it really is the centre of the stone's world. I learnt all sorts of things; a carat weighs 0.2 grams (3 apple pips) - and to find that single carat you need to dig out 20 tonnes of gravel. Ooh, and the pressure required to get carbon to form a diamond is the equivalent to carrying the Eiffel Tower on your little finger... Fascinating.

outfit details at the base of this post

It was lovely to really feel like I was learning something; something I don't do enough of any more. On top of that we got to discover a new city, stay in a beautiful hotel (here) and have a very fun dinner with new/old friends. That said, the diamond district was very industrial so not the best for images so I thought I'd take a few snaps featuring some of the jewellery with a better background when I got back to London. Boodles' flagship store on Old Bond Street has an incredible townhouse above it - which set the scene for these photos...

outfit details at the base of this post

I'm usually a really "dress down" sort of person, as followers of my daily antics over on Instagram will know... So, I wanted to use the excuse of the diamonds to wear one of my favourite brands, Needle and Thread. I've worn their stuff a few times before to events and weddings, but never really shown them off on the blog. They're perfect for me as their simple, flattering shapes are also covered in pastel embellishments - a happy medium of effort/boho/comfortable. They say a lot, without it looking too much...

navy skirt, 50% off / black and pink dresspink playsuit / off shoulder dress / black and pink bomber / lilac midi dress

I love a long sleeved dress as they're super flattering (particularly when all of those New Year fitness resolutions haven't quite gone to plan) so this black and pink dress felt incredible on - note that both mini dress come in other colour ways, as noted at the base of this post... The cream dress - with all the colourful detailing - paired with my earrings - made feel a million dollars. I think you can see in the photos that I actually really wanted my photo taken, which a) made Amelia's job a lot easier and b) is an incredibly rare event. I've selected a few of their pieces above, including a ridiculously reduced skirt (which is a version of the navy dress I wear below) here.

outfit details at the base of this post

The jewellery itself taught me a thing or two. Firstly, that you can always find a way to wear them. I'd previously assumed I wasn't fancy enough to own quality jewellery, but their more simple pieces (like the earrings I wore above, here) look as good with denims and tees as they do in with this kind of outfit. In fact, we ended up shooting another look (to follow) in the clothes I turned up in. I'm also now saving my pennies for a tennis bracelet, as this one just looked incredible... I spent hours going through all of Boodles' collections in the hope of forming an idea of a "capsule collection" of jewels - so I can start to develop a collection. It was tricky as every time a new tray was brought over for us to view I wanted them all, but I've whittled it down to a few key pieces =

Studs = I think every girl should have a pair of simple diamond studs. They're timeless and will be passed on for generations. I stumbled upon this guide to work out the right size for your ear and having seen - with my own eyes - how painstakingly the Boodles team pick out their stones, I'd seriously recommend going to them... Browse their selection here.
Tennis Bracelet = As explained above, this is going to be my first real investment. They're just so beautiful and look good with everything. Boodles' offering is here.
Diamond Ring = No, I don't mean an engagement one (although when we get to that stage, we're coming to Boodles). I really like the idea of buying myself a nice ring - and really want a custom made diamond pinky ring like this. Thoughts?

outfit details at the base of this post

Outfit details (click link to shop/browse)

all jewellery, Boodles = enquire here for details
see all of Needle and Thread's Spring collection here

cream and pastel dress = as worn, needle and thread / in black 
black and pink mini dress = as worn, needle and thread / same in cream
navy backless midi dress = as worn, needle and thread / as a skirt, in sale / in purple (ASOS exclusive) / in cream (ASOS exclusive)
silver shoes = as worn, L.K.Bennett (previous season)
pink shoes = as worn, L.K.Bennett (previous season)

Photos by Amelia Allen Photography, taken using the Canon 5D available at John Lewis.

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Eva & Amelia said...

Beautiful post! I adore Boodles jewelry and find their pieces incredibly easy to wear everyday, especially their Blossom collection. This is despite me spending all day with my dog and coming back home full of muddy paw prints most of the time !

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