Sorting Out My Sudden Problem Skin

This is just a little post as those who follow me on Instagram (here, go onnnn) will know I've had a bit of a nightmare with my skin lately, and wanted to let you know of the products that solved it. My skin routine is pretty bullet proof - it's taken years over perfecting. It's not a cheap one either, I'm very much of the feeling that if you're going to invest in one thing it should probably be your face, no? However, when I was away over Christmas I forgot one thing (my NARS exfoliator here) and it all went to sh*t...

I took this snap whilst out on Saturday and (because I think for a post like this I really should declare) it doesn't have any retouching (I do have make up on though, which is listed below). A week ago I was in tears in the bathroom over the state of my skin. It was spotty, painful and red - and the eye bags were not welcome visitors either.  I raided my bathroom cupboard for products I hadn't got around to testing out and spent about a day on youtube looking for help. Here is the routine I created for 5 days which got my skin back to being as above...

As soon as I wake up I put REN's Vita Mineral gel here under my eyes. I'll then sort my life out for five minutes before jumping in the shower as it needs to soak in to work. In short, it gets rid of eye bags - and really does. I wash my face with NARS Double Exfoliator here every morning and make no exception. It's so good I even decanter it into little bottles when I go away. It's fresh and really feels like your skin wakes up with it, and doesn't leave my skin dry. I then go into my make up routine, listed below.

I have added in a time frame to my regime; when I get home. Make up is removed straight away with Caudalie's Remover Oil here (I was nervous about using something oily but it really works better than any water-based stuff I've used) and put on a *revelation* of a product; all hail to Bobbi Brown's Instant Detox Mask, hereI did some homework (found Caroline Hirons post here) and discovered this alongside the Skin Nourish one here

When my skin is bad I'll rotate using these two every day, and then when it's recovered I'll go back to using them both once a week. Even Gus noticed the difference - the Detox one got rid of the spots, and the Nourish one completely eradicated fine lines (for that reason I'll be using it before an event in the mornings from now on). Mask or no mask, I'll then put on Malin and Goetz's Vitamin E lotion here.

This is when I do all my "fight against time" stuff. First for my eyes I use (new for me) Perricone MD's Thio:Plex eye creams, here. I'm an enormous fan of the brand and this really works well for me - I can see the difference already and only started a week ago. I then put on Estee Lauder's Advanced Night Repair Serum, which is fantastic. It is quite expensive but I've found it for £12 cheaper here. Once soaked in (takes 2 minutes) I then use a little bit of Clinique's Overnight Mask here which is brilliant (I've tried out lots by this brand before, and it's the only one so far I've ever been incredibly impressed with).

Weekly = Every Sunday I use REN's Glycolactic Mask which is incredible, here. It really dries out spots and leaves your skin feeling like it's had a workout.

I really hope this helps anyone who is getting "problem skin." Mine was definitely a combination of accidentally stepping away from my usual routine, and then being unwell at the start of the year. Never before have I ever really had sympathy for girls who complain about painful skin, as it's nothing I could ever associate myself with. Now however, my god. I get it, and I'm sorry to those I should have been a little more supportive of.

Now for my make up. Hilariously, ever since making an effort to keep Instagram Stories going you lot have seen the clear difference between me with and without make up on as I get a lot of messages asking for where I get my foundation/mascara/brow pen. I don't know whether to be flattered or not - but either way it means my make up is clearly pretty decent. In these pictures I'm wearing my go-to basics, so I thought it was a good time to share =

I'm incredibly lazy so never, ever re-do my make up during the day. So I was convinced into using a primer for that sole purpose. Tom Ford's one here feels invisible but at the same time keeps your face on, literally. I don't know how it works but it does (they also have a tinted one for summers and on holidays this is all I wear in the evenings, here). 

My "foundation" isn't really a foundation. When I can I like to just use a tinted moisturiser, and Perricone's Face Tint here is the only one I've found that covers blemishes without feeling thick. It's also medicated, so it's fixing all the flaws while you've got it on - which is ace as I often worried that covering up spots was doing more harm than good... As a little extra I put a dot of Benefit's Sun Beam here on each cheek and spread outwards. It really lifts your face and gives you a summer glow...

I rotate between two depending on the scale of cover up required. Benefit's Lemon Aid here is incredible for under eye bags or purple-ish markings (apparently it's being discontinued so hurry up, I've bought four) and Tom Ford's liquid foundation/concealer here (I use the Sable tone)is brilliant for red marks, pimples etc. How people use it as foundation I don't know as it's very thick, but it's like using an eraser pen on spots!

New territory for me. I used to pluck them into oblivion and leave the rest down to luck of however my face had slept on the pillow the night before.I use two Tom Ford products which are completely and utter game changers - they're the only products I will not leave the house without having on. I brush and fill in my brows with this pen/comb combo, and then use this brow gel to keep them in place (very simple, I just brush them upward). It's been a revelation and I seriously recommend giving them a go.

I've played around with my mascara and am currently debating getting extensions (is that even what I mean?) as I like the idea of not having to put mascara on every morning. However, for now I'm making do with Charlotte Tilbury's Legendary Lashes, here. It's very, very good and never smudges. Comes off easily too.

I really hope this helps girls out, really do. I'd love to hear about your own life savings skincare and make up tips are, particularly if they are home made ones as I'm really keen to try then out after doing a honey and avocado mask on my hair last weekend (which was amazing). Let me know!

Photos taken using the Olympus PL7 at John Lewis here.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your skin routine! Ive had bad skin since the age of 12 and have only recently felt like I'm winning the battle. I love a product called'Raw sauce' by May co-op. It works almost a a toner but a little thicker. A little goes a long way and it helps lock in any moisturiser I use. Thanks again for sharing!

Anonymous said...

I always use La roche posays anthelios Fluid, it leaves my Skin matte all day and has a sun protection too. Thanks for listing all These products, I think I'm going to try some of them! xx, liesa

KaleyLN said...

I'm a massive 'lady hirons' follower, and I've completely transformed my skin care routine over the last 12 months. They're expensive, but currently loving the zelens vitamin d drops. Just need purchased the Nars exfoliator to try x

Anonymous said...

Ive had terrible breakouts suddenly over the past few months. So on reading your post i went to Liberty and spent a small fortune on all the masks and potions you recommend. It's early days but loving the Bobbi Brown detox mask already! Thanks for the recommendations!!

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