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One thing the start of the year does have going for it is the sales. As customers have been slightly less keen to shop full price under the world's current economic circumstances, it's meant that there is a huge surplus of stock left over from last season. Thankfully (for us) this means big discounts on some otherwise never-reduced stuff...

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This outfit is a prime example. I would consider everything in it a necessary style staple which totally removed the guilt from spending money (lets face it, we're all a bit skint at the start of the year) or the need to smuggle the delivery into the flat without the other half noticing... I wear tops like this at least twice a week, and chino pants are a brilliant dressed-down-but-up option for any casual dresser. It's really not normal for pieces like this to go into a sale, but I got them both for 50% at Net A Porter - the sale that keeps on giving!

outfit details at the base of this post

You only need to take a look at my Pinterest boards to see how obsessed with denim shirts I am. I already had my eye on this MiH one before it went into sale, and had actually assumed it wouldn't be included and reduced. When it did I snapped it up straight away. In case you aren't aware of the brand, MiH are a premium jean/denim maker with a real understanding of cutting on the bias/shape. 

This is my first "investment" denim shirt and I've already thrown out my Zara and ASOS ones as this is just so much better. The fabric is slightly stiffer than other cotton based ones I've had, meaning as much as it is still just as soft and wonderful = it also creates the kind of silhouette a girl wants in a shirt... (slightly oversize without looking fat = goals). Above are a few others I've found (all from MiH as I'm now obsessed) that I'd put in the same category. I really don't understand people who don't wear them; I kind of freeze up. It's the perfect half way house being making an effort and being super comfortable. They also go incredibly well with...

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Chinos! I had a love/hate relationship with chinos for ages. I used to think it was just for people who were a bit posher than me - women who wore pearls, Aspinals notepads and Ralph Lauren cable knits. In other words, I thought they were a bit, twee (I repel any resemblance to Kate Middleton's style like the plague as it's achingly boring). Then I started working for a French company all the Parisian girls had them. They paired them with white shirts, or a tee shirt and jackets - and it looked really good. Like, really good. 

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So the hunt started for a pair for me - a short girl with a bum and "curves" (read: thighs that need more gym based activity). I tried a pair on in Zara which ended in tears and me swearing never to eat a carb again. I soon realised no Spanish brand was going to be my friend as all their fit models are also toned athletes (in my head). I then started to hear about J Crew's Sammie pants... I was curious but pretty reluctant to go through the emotional turmoil of a trying on session.

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Having seen them on so many people, and then spotting them in the sale (on Net A Porter here, and in a wider range of sizes on J Crew here) I decided to give them a go. They're really good! They're quite stretchy so I don't feel like they're too tight anywhere - and look as smart with something tucked into them as they do with this kind of outfit. Being completely honest with you, I'm considering buying a couple more pairs just to have them in stock - concerned that as they're in the sale they're going to be discontinued!

outfit details at the base of this post

Accessories wise, yet again the Sophie Hulme bag is making an appearance. Id totally forgotten I owned this as I went through a real "only colourful bags" phase. I found this over Christmas and am now wearing it all the time. As I said in a previous post, it's three years old and still good as new (and I'm really tough on bags with my clumsy ways) so I do recommend the investment. Ooh and the shoes are not Chanel - but are pretty solid dupes. Yet again they're from L.K.Bennett here (sorry to be so boring but these guys just do make the best shoes), here. They come in a few colour ways, all of which I'm after...

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Photos by Amelia Allen Photography, taken using the Canon 5D available at John Lewis.

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Laura said...

I am also a short girl with a bum and 'curves'! I'm 5'2" - can I ask if you got the petite or regular fit? Have found them on the US J Crew site at $30 but they're final sale so want to make sure I order correctly! Thanks!

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