Things To Buy To Get You Through January

As mentioned in my last post, I'm trying not to be an enormous cliche this month. I can't tell you about my resolutions because after a half-as*ed attempt to write some I really don't have any (other than to spend more time with less people, as 2016 showed me I'd got that a little bit wrong - ooh and also "have pride in your tribe" which is an awesome, awesome motto). Having looked at lots of blogs this month I really can't compete with their wonderfulness, so instead I'm going down the route of things that will help you cope rather than get you inspired...

So, above are some things getting me through the month. Firstly, colour is key. At home and on my face. For the former my cushions from Bluebell Grey and Elizabeth Scarlett look lovely on my otherwise neutral sofa (which as lots of you on Instagram ask me, if from Made here). I've spent a huge amount of time curled up on it reading. Chosen reads are:

1. The Glitter Plan - The business story behind Juicy Couture. Someone recommended this to me and I initially rolled my eyes; the brand isn't for me. But there are some really good pointers and it's written in a very lighthearted, honest and funny way. Enjoyable and inspirational without getting too "business"...
2. Gut - I was bought this for Christmas and was sceptical; not the most alluring title is it? However, this book has been a revelation. From explaining what an appendix is for, to helping me understand why very specific foods make me feel queasy - it's on it. A must read (and you'll never want to eat sugar again) ...
3. Red Herring and White Elephants - An oldie but a goodie, I found this in the cupboard the other day. A really good stop-and-start book listing where all our expressions come from (hence the title). You'll be an annoying know-it-all when you finish, but you'll be excellent at a dinner party with weird and wonderful facts...
4. Carpe Diem notepad - not exactly a read, but I'm giving a go at writing things down and found this lovely notepad in White Stuff who have started doing home stuffs. Recommend a look, here.

Candles are key for January and I've become obsessed with Diptyque's Tubereuse candle here ever since I acquired it - it's fast running out. It really does prove that paying a little more for a good candle is worth it; when we burn it we can smell it down the hall from our flat the minute we walk up the stairs! I've got my eye on the room spray too which is slightly cheaper, here. Secondly the Origins Feel Good candle here was a gift from the Estee Lauder team. It's got pine and orange in it and is super invigorating. When I've felt a bit peaky it's really given me a lift, so I definitely recommend it!

Annnnnd for beauty, this month is all about fast, quick, albeit lazy stuff that makes you look fab. Quickly. I still swear by my Perricone MD Face Finishing Moisturiser as it transforms my skin and general appearance in seconds. Yes it's expensive but if you are going to invest in anything surely its your face? Find it here. Combine that with Tom Ford's amazing eyebrow mascara and you're already prepped to leave the house, trust me. Find it here (and don't just find it, but it, this really is that good). I'm trying to remember to wear lipstick and this Lancome Caprice red is currently the favourite. Its bright, it's fun and it makes Mondays more interesting.

Other products I've mentioned in my Instagram's recently include; Clarins' clear lip gloss here which stays on all day - works to heal cracked lips and make them look banging... Benefit's ultimate lazy girl eye shadow palette here. You use the sponge applicator to swipe across the 3 colour options and do the same on your lids. Bam - smoky eyes done in seconds. And YSL's gorgeous illuminating cream to create the illusion you have been outside seen the sun recently, here.

Ooh and you should try and smell nice because it makes you feel good. Simples. Gus bought me the Chloe perfume for Christmas and it's so happy, delicate and pretty that I feel gorgeous when I'm wearing it - I'd never have picked it out as it looks very, very girly. Find it here. For him, I was kindly sent a new scent from Jo Malone's selection called Myrrh and Tonka. It smells insane. Insane. I am like a cat on heat when I smell it and friends on Twitter have said the same. So buy it for your "him" now, here.

Next; we can't ignore the fact that January is a great time to go shopping. As 2016 was one of the most up and down global economic climates, we consumers didn't buy as much as the retailers thought. This means there are huge surpluses of stock that need shifting. In real terms that means big discounts for us, and more things going into sale than usual. This is good. As I've been at home for the last few days I've cleared out four bin bags of clothes and taken them to Cancer Research on Hampstead High Street - and also listed as much as stuff as eBay would let me. I'm going to use these new found funds (through the £100s I make on the listings...) to buy a few things for the new year - because January is dull AF and we all need a little lift, no?

click link to shop: indigo jeans, Topshop (so cheap) / cashmere scarf, Topshop / sequin top, Topshop /leopard print pumps, Net A Porter (Saint Laurent and so discounted) / black buttoned top, Net A Porter /cream peasant top, Zara / cashmere cream jumper, Topshop / taupe culottes, Reiss / cream v neck knit, Whistles / wave tassle skirt, Whistles / one shoulder top, Whistles / cold shoulder black top, Whistles / 

I found a lot, scouring my favourite places; Zara, Net A Porter, Topshop, Reiss and Whistles. I can't go through everything but here is a little summary. First up, denim. Sadly I missed the phenomenon that is the Selfridges Denim sale (seriously  this is the one sale you cannot miss - there are a few odds and sods (look out for Paige, AG and Levis) still available here. The White Company still have some awesome ones left too, hereThis Zara top is complete bargain at £17.99, especially when you compare to the Etoile Isabel Marant version here which (in the sale) is still £120. Speaking of designer stuff, never rule out Net A Porter during sale time. Their discounts are big, especially this year. These Isabel Marant shoes are £114, their J Crew stuff starts at £24, and staples like this MiH breton tee and this Solid and Stripe crop top are things I've been after for ages (I always stock up a wish-list just before the sales and then shop from there, much easier). One more thing, if you're after a solid knit look no further than this Tibi knit, reduced from £400 to £120.

Whistles is great for solid staples with a bit of something extra. For example this one shoulder dress (reduced from £220 to £50) is a great failsafe, as is this one shoulder top (really good solid staple, with a bit of something extra).  Reiss sales are always really good because everything goes into them. I can't believe this dress has gone in as it was a bestseller, and only £95! Furthermore their skirts and work-type selection is fantastic - this skirt for £55, these culottes and this roll neck for £25 really does show quite how strong the discounts are.

other solid finds: black boyfriend jeans, Topshop / multicolour knit, Topshop /  ruffle top, Topshop / metallic black jacket, Topshop /  red and white peasant top, Net A Porter / grey stripe tee shirt, Net A Porter / grey sweater, Net A Porter / ribbed knit, Net A Porter /  /  cream crochet top, Net A Porter  

Lastly, I haven't included them in the collages but don't forget about bikinis in the winter sales as they really drop in price. She Made Me was the brand of 2016 and this mint green bikini, this cream and this red two piece is amazing... Over and out.

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