Navy Shearling Jacket

At the weekend we went down to Somerset and when driving to our hotel spotted this field of bamboo (we think it was bamboo and will be happily corrected - this is what happens when two Londoners "do" the country). As I'm trying to be a little more "live now" I insisted on stopping the car to take some photos... So this is as real as it gets as this outfit really was what I was wearing on Sunday...

I was intending on holding back posting about this jacket for a while as it's going to be used in a bigger project next month. But I've worn it a great deal and lots of you have asked where it was from. So, with no further ado - it's from Jigsaw, here. I've never really got the whole shearling thing before; this is the first time I've ever had anything like it. I spotted it out when I did a store visit last week and knew we'd live happily ever after. I kind of thought shearling was just for super smart, super posh people. Not for people like me who dresses in whatever first falls off the wardrobe rail, and is a constant fight between her love of colourful foods and keeping white t shirts, white.

It turns out this is really very handy; I've worn it like I am here with jeans and trainers. Given it's such a dark colour I've been staggered at the number of people who have asked where it is from - clearly it's the thing to wear if you want to be noticed... As that isn't really a decision making point for me, let me list other perks = It's bl**dy warm, like seriously warm. As in you really notice that the bits of your body not covered in it are cold (I'm in the market for a onesie version if anyone knows of one). It's a neutral colour that won't go out of fashion. It's so soft; dogs really like cuddling in it...

It's most definitely an investment, even though it is in the sale here. I can't recommend it enough so if you're in the market for a treat for yourself, go for it. As ever, I've done a bit of a run around to find good alternatives. Before I launch into the high street, a few designer bargains. This J Crew one is half price in the sale and twice the size - that's like x4 the bargain then, right? Secondly this DVF one is also half price... Cheaper options include this Warehouse one - may not be navy but cream is also a staple and having seen it in the flesh I can confirm it's insanely warm. Lastly if you're looking to just test out the look, this one is £22.

Other bits in the outfit basically sum up my Sunday style, if I have one. Essentially it's all about being comfy but looking decent enough to leave the house. I find quality knits are key and the one in these shots is new from Reiss, here. You can't really see in these photos, annoyingly, but this knit has really lovely two-tone neck and sleeves. It comes in black too (I've nabbed it already) which looks super slick for work, here. It's a super flattering cut - somehow even though it's oversize it still fits if that makes sense. You'll be seeing quite a lot of it in the next few posts...

Also want to give a little shout out to the jeans, here. They're also from Jigsaw. I'd never have thought to go to them for denim but they're cuts are ace. They're made in Japan (for anyone who doesn't know, when it comes to denim you're looking for them to be made in Japan or Italy - it shows quality) and are from a very high count denim. This means that you can wash them heavily, wear them heavily etc and the fit won't loosen etc. These are their Hampton style - I also have the Richmond which is their skinnier style. For the price they really are an insane bargain.... 

Outfit details (click the links to go through to shop)

Photos taken using the Olympus PL7 at John Lewis here.

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