My Forever Coat, And Other Faves

The last few posts have been focussed on me buying new things, so I thought I'd do something about the staple pieces I live in - rather than anything new (ok, there is one teeny new thing but I wasn't expecting to shoot when I took these pictures...). Having had an enormous clear out recently, it's really made me see what pieces I couldn't do without - and some of them I haven't even blogged about!

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To name one of them, this silk shirt has been glued to me ever since it arrived. It's from Jigsaw, a brand I rediscovered last year after mistaking it as being for older women (living in an era I wasn't ready to embrace). It's so easy to wear; I pair it with jeans tucked in or out. It was perfect over Christmas as it feels like you're wearing your pyjamas when you actually look like you've made an effort... I love the cut of the lapels, they're super flattering and make the shirt much more modern. Lucky for you it's now in the sale, here.

outfit credit and links at the base of this post

The coat is also Jigsaw, and has been on my blog and Instagram a lot. It's just so damn good; much like the shirt I can wear it all the time be it for work or play. It's also incredibly warm (although you do need a scarf as the cut obviously leaves your chest uncovered) being made from British wool - which somehow makes it even more of a worthy purchase... It's in the sale and Jigsaw themselves have sold out (unsurprisingly) but John Lewis have small sizes here.

outfit credit and links at the base of this post

My jeans are from Paige, and having shopped around over the years I always seem to come back to these guys. Before the blog I would never, ever have considered investing in denim but having seen the difference in the way they last, feel and wear I'm 110% sold. It's always worth having a look in the sales for these because department stores don't seem to be able to shift the quantities they bought. Selfridges in particular still have a really good selection, here

outfit credit and links at the base of this post

My boots are from L.K.Bennett and I wear them with everything. They're wide enough on the ankle to look good with skirts, but close enough to fit under jeans. More to the point I can wear them all day, which never happens to me with heels as I've got teeny feet meaning heels stretch my arches and hurt really quickly. They haven't gone into sale, and neither should they - find them here in a few colour options (but I find the "grey smog" the most useful).

outfit credit and links at the base of this post

Last up, my steal of 2017 (we're two weeks in, but sod it). I'd been after a Gucci belt for ages but struggle with the idea of paying £200+ for a belt. So, I set about stalking them for a month on Vestiaire Collective until this one came into my life. It was listed for £120, but I haggled hard (using the Make Me An Offer function) and got it for just over £70... I'm absolutely delighted with it - it will be worn a lot. Here are Vestiaire's current offering, and do bother to sign up and set up an alert so you get an email or text the minute one lands on the site - although if any of you beat me to the tan coloured one (here) I'll kill you...

Outfit credits (click link to shop)
shirt = as worn, Jigsaw (in the sale)

Photos taken using the Olympus PL7 at John Lewis here.


Josie said...

Lovely coat! I would never think to look second hand for anything, I always forget about Vestiaire! x

Sick Chick Chic

Sham Monk said...

Perfect fit for me at 5"9 and husky large big boned female. Great quality, buying more from Got this delivered in less than 32 hours. Material is on the thick side, but that is the intent of true scrubs.

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