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"She wore bluuuuuuuuue velvet" as the song says. No one is more shocked than me that I am buying into the velvet trend. For one, I didn't used to even be able to touch it. I spent ages tracking down the "one for me" before settling on this one from L.K.Bennett. I will wear it constantly over the party season as it draws me in at the waist, is a stretchy fabric (for 2nd puddings and surplus snacks) and covers the tops of my arms...

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As I said, I never expected to buy into this trend. At all. I saw the Gucci collections at the beginning of this year and shuddered at the prospect of wearing the fabric. However, something has certainly changed since the days of velvet Alice bands are a child (a thought which stills sends shivers down my spine) as these pieces are soft and silky - more akin to silk. 

Aside from the L.K.Bennett gem (which also comes in red, here) I found a few more: I dodged all the bodycon versions because why in Gods name would you want anything tight over Christmas?! We all know what happens, we've tried and tested belts and buttons - they don't work for us now until about March... 

This green ASOS one is a really good option for someone looking to "do" velvet without being super fancy, whilst this one is a bit more showy (but only showing the bits that really can't be chubby, on anyone). This pink one is good for anyone with more of an apple shape as the wrap style gives you a waist and finally I couldn't not mention this one I found for £15 that is an excellent all rounder...

outfit details and links at the base of this post

The most important thing around Christmas time is that you feel good. There is nothing worse than arriving home to a full house of visitors and not feeling you look your best, or that you appear tired and bit peaky. I make sure I stay on top of my fitness and beauty regime throughout the month of December otherwise I end up really really rubbish come the 25th... I really recommend using REN's Glycolactic Mask as it keeps my skin tight, fresh and soft during the month of over consumption...

As for an outfit to pair with the dress, I'll wear mine with some more glitzy heels in the evening, but these boots are great for daytime. I've worn them to death since I got them for my birthday party... To the point that my friends are wondering if they are soldered to my feet!

outfit details and links at the base of this post

Outfit details with links

Photos taken with the Olympus Pen 7 found here at John Lewis, using the 45mm lens here.

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Resonant Brain said...

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