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Eeeek it's party dressing time. My worst nightmare... I really hate being told how to dress, particularly when I plan to consume the intake of a small country over the course of the next few days, so usually pyjamas are the way forward. I'm also not really all that dressy... So when Topshop asked me to pick my favourite festive look I initially thought it was going to be tough. Then I found an outfit that makes me feel so carelessly Ziggy Stardust that I'm positively relishing wearing heels inside (seriously, it's the only day we ever do that isn't it?!) this weekend...

outfit credits at the base of this post

For those of you who wear tonnes of colour all the time I apologise, I get that this outfit isn't off-the-scale-groundbreaking. However for me, the idea of wearing sequins is a bit of a revolution. I follow a blogger called Fran who mentioned on Instagram that she was seeking out an all-sequin top and it set the idea in my mind. Then I found this! It's brilliant and so fun to wear, particularly around babies who just stare at you for hours on end. As a further point, it's fitted around your shoulders and then loose everywhere else... So no post-lunch pain.

outfit credits at the base of this post

Next, frayed denim. Followers of my Twitter will no I've been harping on about getting a pair for ages. I originally wanted this pair from Net A Porter but they were so, so expensive. As much as I believe in investing in denim when something is so trend focussed as opposed to a solid investment piece, I just couldn't justify/afford to buy them. Then I found this pair from Topshop and knew I had to have them. They're fun without being mental, and they make denim party-acceptable.

For anyone nervous around sizing (buying Topshop jeans has been known to cause a breakout of hives over sizing) I bought my regular size and although it took an initial wrestle to get them on, they now fit perfectly. As a side note, old people really like these jeans. A lovely lady at the post office told me they were wonderful when I was dropping off some packages last week and it made my week. Find them here, and I've put a couple of colour options at the base of this post.

outfit credits at the base of this post

Accessories wise, I got my red stuff out. It is Christmas after all. My shoes were from a super fun project earlier in the year, find them here. I save them for special occasions which is stupid given how much they cost, I really need to get my cost-per-wear out of them. The block heel is really good for parties as you stand up for ages and look like you made an effort. Bag wise followers of my Instagram (if not do so here, pretty please) will already know what this is = my precious L.K.Bennett x Boyarde Mariel bag (here) and initial stickers (here), which if you are looking for a last minute gift is most definitely the way forward...

Whatever you are doing over Christmas I really hope you have a wonderful time. I'll take this as a little opportunity to say thank you so much for all your hits, clicks and support with the blog this year. I really considered stopping blogging this summer but you guys and your positive words have kept me going and I'm back to loving it again. So thank you from me and from Lopez (who can, thanks to you, continue to eat his organic chicken for dinner and would otherwise be back to Pedigree chum).

Outfit details (click links to go through to their site)

sequin top = as worn, Topshop 

This post was in collaboration with Topshop, all content my own -without editing or input. Photos shot using the Canon 5D available at John Lewis, by Ben.

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