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It's not often that I can convince Gus to get himself on the blog so as much as he's 99.9% responsible for my photos, he rarely makes an appearance. So when Mr Porter and Net A Porter asked me to show you what we're wearing for Christmas I had to twist his arm (perhaps literally) ... 

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Neither of us really plan outfits, we're busy people and relish putting on whatever is washed/available at the weekends. Both of us swear by the jeans-jacket-and-shirt mantra when we do have to dress up so we used this as a bit of an opportunity to try something new. We also thought we'd give coordinating a go, as unnoticeably as possible (I was desperate to do a Britney and Justin denim pairing, but he was less keen...).

outfit credits at the base of this post

My first pick was a classic I've been after for years. Everyone bangs on about J Crew cashmere and I'd never joined the party... Until now. My camel knit is butter-soft, I'll wear it with everything over Christmas for sure. They come in a gazillion colours but I picked camel/taupe as it goes with all my blues, blacks and greys - and looks super with denim. Find it here.

Now that I'm hooked, above is a selection of my favourite J Crew cashmere pieces. My one is here, I also love the grey version here. The black one is, for some unknown reason, half price in the sale here. Next for me will be a v-neck purchase. I really want to treat myself to this one (again in the sale) as I've got an outfit in my head with it over a blue denim shirt, black skinny jeans and heels. Thoughts? Lastly if you're after an entry-point price, this light blue turtleneck is less than £80...

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My skirt is from a brand that I've never bought from before called Mes Demoiselles. The inspiration behind the collection is "Parisian, bohemian, traveller." Essentially Marant for cheaper... I thought I'd try wearing a maxi skirt in winter, they're usually something I reserve for sunshine to pair with vest tops. Not anymore, this is proving to be perfect. It's dress-up enough to look like you've made an effort, without being over done. Most importantly it's comfortable AF and in the sale so it's only £114 ... Find it here.

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My shoes are from Jimmy Choo, and it's complete love. It takes a lot for me to venture away from my  L.K.Bennett (which are so, so comfortable for my little feet) so if I'm endorsing heels, please know they really must be quite good. They're a classic shape and style, find them here. I was worried they were a bit Middleton-like but actually they go super well with everything and don't look stuffy at all on the foot. I'll own these for life...

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Now to over to him... I've wanted him to get this jumper for bl**dy ages. It's from Club Monaco, a brand I think really doesn't get enough attention. It's part of the Ralph Lauren group and didn't really launch in the UK till last year when it's flagship store opened in London. All their stuff is amazingly good (see the womens here, and mens here). Gus is a "I'll buy them in bulk from Uniqlo" kind of shopper so spending this amount on a knit took some doing. Given that it hasn't left his body since it arrived, I'm guessing he feels it was worth the investment. It's excellent for cuddling in too, as a side. Find it here

Above are a few of my favourite mens' bits from Club Monaco, incase you were searching for a gift still... This denim shirt is gorgeously soft, but super well fitted (I don't mean "tight" when I say that, I mean as it actually fits the shoulders). This cardigan is actually more like a bomber jacket as it's so warm; a really good buy for anyone who wants to invest in a couple of good staples but doesn't want to go too fashion. Lastly this jumper reminds me of Jude Law in The Holiday so I'm hoping that memory stays in place when I see someone (Gus, duh) in it... 

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He picked himself a pair of Grenson Chelsea Boots which he's always wanted, here. I tease him for how "city boy on a weekend" they are but actually I really like them. Before now he's always had cheapies that he replaces every few months, again I think he's learning this isn't really the way forward. Pay peanuts, get monkeys... They'd be a solid present for someone who likes a classic (go half a size down, they come up big). Find them here.

outfit credits at the base of this post

The scarf is the all-star purchase. I haven't told him how much it was, yet. I made him get it because I want to wear it too... It's a proper "gift" - a proper treat of a present. Sticking with the idea of peanuts and monkeys this is a billion times better than any high street equivalent. It's so warm you can almost forgo a coat when wearing it. I've got my eye on the camel coloured version, although I know he'd pinch it as he's addicted to his one. Find the navy one here, be warned - they sell out fast...

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his jumper = as worn, Club Monaco
his shoes = as worn, Grenson

This post was written in collaboration with Mr Porter and Net A Porter, all content and photography my own. Photos taken using an Olympus PL 7 from John Lewis here, and their 45mm lens here

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You both are together a perfect couple, like the typical love birds from a british country magazine!:)


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