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Hello all! The weather has really taken a bit of a turn and I've been swapping outfits a few times a day to stop the risk of boiling, freezing, burning and shivering. It's a bit of a joke! Not sure what October has planned for us, but I've updated my wardrobe with a Reiss' pieces (see what I did there) that I think will help carry me through the next month...

outfit credits at the base of this post

One of the joys of where the blog has taken me is out of suits, for life. However, I'm finding the need to dress corporately for meetings more and more and sends me out into a total spin - I just don't know how! The closest I could really get was jeans (with holes in, apparently not always a good idea), shirt and a jacket. I found this skirt from Reiss and thought it could serve me well. It's a lovely, taught fabric so the flare is super flattering. It looks great with a shirt tucked in, or as I have hear with a knit...

outfit credits at the base of this post

And on the subject of the knit, this one is beautiful with the lace-style detailing at the cuffs and edges. I spotted it at their press day some months ago and have been keeping my eyes peeled for it ever since. Reiss are really good and doing things that you can wear in the office and also at the weekends. I've paired this one with jeans or cargo pants (I've got my eye on these forest green cords - yes cords - from Reiss too) and trainers as much as I have with formal trousers and skirts...

outfit credits at the base of this post

My jewellery never comes off, I'm so lazy with it. At the moment I've got mainly Astley Clarke on, with a few Rosie Fortescue pieces (her hoop earrings are THE best, here) and some studs from Missoma. Between those three I really don't think you need any other brands...

 outfit credits at the base of this post

Now the heels are a bit special; I think I'll have them for a while. They go with everything. Reiss don't get enough credit for their footwear, I have a few pairs and they always do me really well... Since these arrived I have worn them to meetings, date nights, dinner with friends, a Christening... The list goes on. They're quite high for me but they're very comfortable which is a solid recommendation as I've got small feet therefore struggle with any heel whatsoever (annoying when I'm also a bit of a midget).

outfit credits at the base of this post

These photos were snapped around the corner from my flat at a place called Fenton House. It's a little 17th property that is often opened up to the public, but as it's not in the direction of the heath lots of people completely miss it. The gardens (and the house in truth) are gorgeous and I really recommend you popping up to North London and having a look. Details here.

Outfit Details
skirt = as worn, Reiss (now in sale)
jumper = as worn, Reiss / similar without lace detail, here
shoes = as worn, Reiss / all Reiss shoes, here
jewellery = Astley ClarkeRosie Fortescue and Missoma
sunglasses = as worn, Givenchy
mentioned = forest green cords, Reiss

This post was in collaboration with Reiss, all words and styling my own. Photos taken using an Olympus PEN EP-L7 from John Lewis here and the 45mm lens here.


Josie said...

I love Missoma! You look great, I'm jealous of your tan!

Josie | Sick Chick Chic

Ruby Sterland said...

Love the skirt! Reiss isn't somewhere I look to shop but you styled the skirt so well, I might have a look on their website. Beautiful location too, such a shame it's so hidden away x

Ru -

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