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I've decided to move things around a little bit and do a monthly "what to buy" at the beginning of each month (hopefully by pay day, if I can get my ass in gear) for fashion and beauty. I'm not sure about you but I'm really excited for the new season. It's the first one in years that I've actually felt the need to really think about what I'm going to be wearing. Beauty wise, there is so much about at the moment I've tried to whittle it down to the things I use regularly. Here we go:


New clothhhessssss. I cannot stop buying new stuff. This never happens, ever. Firstly, the dress in the header picture above. It's from Zara, I featured it on my Instagram here and looks like I'm not the only one... Slightly gothic florals seem really key for autumn: they have also made a more office-worthy version here, and a maxi dress here. Vilshenko (phenomenally expensive Russian designer, I think) eat your heart out (ps this Iris and Ink shirt really should be considered too...)

"Pretty" is also very important, which is a new thing for me as I often try and look anything but cute. However lace doesn't have to mean sh*t fabrics and Barbie make up anymore. This top from Marks and Spencer looks great with my denim staples (more on that below) and don't forget about new-essential Realisation Par; their silk tops are perfect for someone wanting to add some flair to their otherwise pretty reserved wardrobe (thats me, btw).

Bomber jackets just aren't going away. I found one I loved in Berlin, didn't buy it, and now it's haunting me. This one from Topshop is perfection. As they're all different colours choosing one is difficult - but this is reversible so it pink and blue. Check it out properly here.

I'm also buying polo necks, something I didn't think would happen to me. After buying quite a lot of summer dresses this year I'm not prepared to give them up in cooler weather. I read Elle last week and they had a whole piece on putting a polo neck under a dress and it looked really cool. I'm carving this Chloe one but always test out a look using the high street first. So, I've bought some ASOS two-pack basics to try it out (get yours here). So far so good, and they look awesome with denim too... (ps - saying that, Topshop have brought out a winter version of that summer dress, here. Must have)

Which leads me neatly to a new found jean love; Levi 501s. Yep, I've made the pilgrimage and man it was worth it. I got mine in the sale here and you'll be seeing a lot of them on the blog as they now never come off my body. So good - shaped but slouchy, tough but soft. It's love - if you're after a good boyfriend jean get these and only these

I'm starting to get into knitwear again, and cardigans make the most sense at the moment - along with cut out detail knits - as they're the easiest to throw on when it's not that cold. This Ganni one is going to be a bit of a showstopper, having been worn by the usual street style bunch a lot. And really don't forget about Iris and Ink this season; this jumper is just one example of what they've got to offer...

Lastly, wanted to introduce a new brand to me Storets. I'd seen it on a few bloggers but when I looked at the site I questioned the quality. However, a few proseccos down the other night I made an order. It's all arrived, I'll feature it on the blog shortly - but in the mean time I just wanted to say how good it all is and I've been really impressed with the fit and service. Below is what I got:

The gingham dress is the absolute dream, my friend Holly had it and I couldn't say no having seen it on her. Very flattering. This navy boho dress is a complete copy of the must-have-brand Dodo Bar Or but at the price, who cares (also in white here)? The designer clearly makes too much money on theirs when someone can rustle it up for so much less... This ribbon detail blouse is a great staple, as the gingham off shoulder, this green satin skirt looks so much more expensive 


I've travelled quite a bit this summer and always think the most essential beauty items are the ones you can't go without when on holiday/abroad - the ones that make it into the case, and justify the extra baggage cost so you can put the bottle in. So without further ado, here are the things that I just can't not have with me at all times:

I have to admit I don't scrimp on my beauty products. It's my face - surely if you're going to invest in something, it's your face? Yes, as a blogger I get quite a bit sent over, but as someone who only bought face wipes (my sole beauty product) when they were in a 2 for 1 offer, for me to even suggest spending money on things like this is a worthy testament. Take brands like Perricone MD. I would never have discovered them had their PRs not shown them to me - now I can't leave the house (wherever I am in the world) without their Face Finishing Moisturiser. It's a lazy girl's dream - one little finger full hides a multitude of sins. You will not regret the investment. 

Likewise with Tom Ford's make up. Damn me it's expensive, but you can't beat it. Their Bronzing Primer gives the same look as a two week holiday but at a fraction of the price (see what I did there!?). One squirt does the job (that sounds wrong) - instant glowy, not-at-al-shiny skin that doesn't feel like you've got make up on. Pair that with Benefit's Sun Beam dabbed across your cheek bones and you really do look very, very good.

I'm not a huge make up person so when something makes it on here (not to mention, onto my face on a regular basis) it really must be good. Last month I was sent over a few bits from 3ina, an Aussie brand. I usually really like products from Australia as they tend to be very well thought out - good for outdoor living and sunshine which these products definitely are. The thing that I can't get enough of is the lip crayons. I don't even wear lipstick but this (I have colour 108) is the bomb. Even my boyfriend noticed it - WHICH IS A MIRACLE - and they're only £8.

I've blogged about it tonnes before but my mascara is Charlotte Tilbury. It does clump up a bit after a while but it's industrial strength and copes with all the rain storms, tears, sea waves and sweats that go with my life... Lastly - and something I never thought I'd give two hoots about - brows. I swear by Benefit's newly revamped brow mascara Gimme Brow (yeah, it's a thing). I can't explain technically or professionals what it does - but it gives my face a really "oomph" by thickening and shaping my brows and it's so easy it's untrue.

Skin care wise I've got some goodies this month, some old some new. I had a clear out in my bathroom cupboard and found Aesop's Camelia Nut Hydrating Cream and am now livid with myself for not using it sooner. My skin seriously dries out in patches when I've been in the sun, and wrinkles quickly become more defined. Having used this for the last fortnight, they've gone. And I don't mean faded, I mean GONE. Just go and buy it here

I really really want to stress how good Guinot's Minceur Rapide stuff is. I have had cellulite since I was a kid (a vivid memory of my early teens was a friend asking what the bubbles on my legs were during swimming class, devastating) and I absolutely hate it. This is the only stuff I've ever found that works. Do both to a) buy it, and b) use it properly for two weeks. I sort-of cut out the bad foods during that time, but not really, and seriously saw a difference. Now, I'm almost cellulite free in previously awful problem areas. Get yours here.

Wow, this is a long post - sorry! I'll finish up with two goodies: Essie's new Gel Setter is a must for anyone going away. For £10 it makes at home gel manis possible - the first time I used it my nails lasted three weeks. I'm still obsessed with Ren's Radiance Mask and use it religiously once a week to give my skin a deep clean.

Hope you enjoyed this month's installment! To see me wearing/using the products follow me on Instagram here

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