The Perfect Mojito

Summer is here! No but really! Finally after months of waiting, the sun is being kind to us and showing us what he can do best. As soon as this happens I get an urge to be outside sipping my favourite summer drinks. Here I am doing what I do best; absorb mojitos in the evenings....

Mojitos were one of the first cocktails I've ever mastered making myself and I love them.  I think rum is one of the nicest spirits to drink; it has a softer taste than other alcohols like vodka or gin. Captain Morgans is my favourite one because it's spiced a little bit - not "spiced" as in "spicy" - it just had a little extra flavour to it. 

Here's how to make one: Following the measurements here, take your limes and your sugar and crush them together in the base of your cocktail glass. Grab some mint (I've bought a pot of the stuff on the window sill for times like this...) and pop them into the mix. Then add your rum and your soda water (you can use lemonade if you prefer a sweeter taste). The most important thing for me is that a mojito is ice cold so I keep crushed ice in the fridge all summer (so much better for cocktail making and saves a lot of a mess trying to shake/crush drinks yourself). Shake it all together, et voila!

This post was in collaboration with Diageo as they promote their summer cocktail menu. Check out their full cocktail suggestion menu here. All words, images and positioning my own. Photos taken using an Olympus PEN EP-L7 from John Lewis here and the 45mm lens here.

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