The idea with this post series was to post it on pay day, but I got a little side tracked with upcoming projects/life - so here you go, 11 days late. It actually worked really well because last week I spent a lot of time holiday wardrobe planning and getting myself "summer ready." I was in Dubai for work last week, and I've got two girly trips coming up; Marrakesh this weekend with Emma and Lindsey, and then Sri Lanka with Lindsey and Anneli. All in all, I've happily stored away my knits and am very ready for summer shopping...

It's very easy to get carried away with dressing for warmer weather as tops and tees are so cheap. I try to only buy pieces I know I will wear a lot, that pair up with my (more expensive) basics and staples. First things first, ASOS. I mean, what a choice. I've struggled to look any where else so when they offered to help us all dress for Marrakesh I went a bit nuts with all the options. I settled on this jumpsuit, which is just amazing. It's already sold out in the majority of sizes, but you can get hold of the skirt equivalent here which is just as lovely. Speaking of skirts, I couldn't resist this neon number or this twist on a denim basic.

When doing a high street sweep you can't not visit Topshop. I popped down to the Oxford Circus one between meetings the other day and did a bit of a haul. Included in it was this "perfect with everything" navy skirt, and these embroidered jeans (I tried not to buy into the trend, but it's not going away and these jeans are my go-to fit). Also treated myself to these cactus print shorts as they look great with my denim shirts and tees. Oh, and not forgetting my sheer annoyance with these sandals. I mean, I just spent in excess of £200 on a Tory Burch pair and then these dead ringers come up. They're available in black here, and brown here. Grrrrr. Before leaving I checked out Miss Selfridge too and spotted this awesome dress (very similar to a Zimmermann one here that I've got my eye on)...

Two places I'm really glad I made the effort to visit; Claudie Pierlot and Warehouse. CP have so much cool Parisian-like stuff (funny that, as that's the heart of the brand). Key favourites include a crochet vest top here, and this striped shirt. Warehouse really does have the best overall collection on the highstreet in my humble opinion. This "Self Portrait" esque vest is so good (and check out the dress version in red here), and these vests make incredible all-rounder basics (available red/white/black).

All in all, it's a great month to do some shopping!

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