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I'm very much of the opinion that a blogger should show their audience what their lives are really like, as it's the main point of difference between us and editorial content. For some people that means endless images of avocado, eggs and perfect pins. For me, it's more "dog just rolled in a puddle and I forgot to put the towel in the car." Ladies and gentlemen, I bring you my Easter Monday problems:

There I was all set to do some photos in my lovely new Wyse London cashmere jumper (here) and Lopez jumps in a puddle. In fact not just any puddle, oh no, the biggest puddle in the whole of Trent Park. So that cuts him out of the pictures... (and in case anyone was wondering, the only thing that gets a white dog clean again after that amount of mud is Johnson's Baby Shampoo...).

This is a really good example of what I wear when I'm relaxing, I guess you could call it off duty style. Although I've been brought up in London, my family are down in South Wales and I've spent a huge amount of time plodding around outsides in waxed jackets and wellies. I got this jacket last week when I was up at the Barbour factory (shooting something quite exciting which is coming up in May). I am absolutely thrilled with this, and can't wait for it to get a little more muddy and worn. As soon as I put it on it takes me back to being a kid, mucking out horses or being very, very cold in the "Welsh Spring" on the beach...

The wellies are Hunter, because is there another wellington boot brand? I mean, really? These are actually my mums (I think, I found them in the garage at home - could well be my sisters...), we have a number of pairs floating around the house. I can't wear the higher versions as my "dense" calves don't fit in them, but these are great. I really like the black, they're less of a statement... Look awesome covered in mud too, which is convenient.

Keeping up my new "thing" of wearing colour, I wore my trusty L.K Bennett Mariel bag (unglamorously the two compartments are brilliant for dog walking - my stuff in one, Lopez's treats, bags and bits in the other). It sold out in a millisecond I think, but ever so often ones pop up on the site so do keep and eye out here. The jumper as I mentioned is from Wyse London, and I'm obsessed with it. It's so soft. Apparently I look like a childrens' TV presenter in it, but I always wanted to work on Blue Peter when I was little so I'm quite happy with that... Lastly, my sunglasses are fast becoming my staple, every day pair. They're a really good shape for me as I've got an annoyingly round face unless I wear things that add contouring (not Kim K style, I mean as in angular shaped accessories and they're from Hugo Boss here

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We just managed to dodge the rain storm to get Lopez in the car. He had a brilliant time printing his muddy paws across the back seat - us, not so much. Hope you had a fantastic Easter break, and Happy Spring! Feels like the sunshine is finally here, almost.


Unknown said...

And I thought I was the only one who wore the short Hunters. I have a pair of the regular ones, and despite wearing tights, one was suctioned onto my leg one day & it took forever to get it off. The "athletic" calf curse! Love the Barbour too - the outlet up near Newcastle???

Charlotte said...

Haha, love this post - mainly because my own off duty days involve having to stand in my garden for hours even though I want to be indoors, because I just moved house and one of my cats is too scared to go out alone. Oh so glam, oh so chic, oh so real life.

Oh and your jumper is cute too, of course ;)

Charlotte xx
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