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I haven't really been putting myself in front of the camera that much recently as I haven't been all that well. I've been so tired and have definitely noticed my skin has taken a hit. So, I used it as a bit of an excuse to invest some time in my skincare regime... As you might already know I didn't have a routine of any sort before the blog but as I've got older I've really begun to feel the need - and can see the benefits. I'm extremely impatient so if it's on here it really does mean it works... Here is a round up of products I've tried and tested recently, and some of them are really rather good...


Skin wise, a few products to mention. The first one is something I received in a Birchbox last year, but only recently started using. Trilogy "everything balm" is the kind of thing every girl should have in her handbag, because it really does do everything. I've been using it on dry patches, cracked lips, hands, mixing in with lip colour (makes it last ten times longer) and as a cold-air skin protector. It's absolutely brilliant and even though I've been using it a lot it looks barely touched, get it here.

Next is an old faithful, Weleda Skin Food. When I'm unwell my skin gets so dry and dull - I pop a small amount of this (it's quite oily) on the really bad bits after a shower and it's instantly fixed. It's only £8.95 - a total bargain. Get it here. I also have been using REN Skincare's Instant Brightening Beauty Shot (in fact you can watch me was lyrical about it here) each morning as it's brings the puffiness down (which I get a lot, and really noticeably when I'm not feeling good). Get it here.

Once my skin is nice and nourished I do like to put on a little bit of a tan/tint. I used to be a St Tropez obsessive, but since I've discovered Vita Liberata I've thrown it all in the bin. You only need a 20p size blob to do your whole upper body and once dried (takes 5/10 minutes) you're set!

Lastly, a product which I would be tempted to claim as possessing medicinal qualities. I've been so lethargic recently, and when This Works' skin oil "energy bank body makeover" arrived I was sceptical; How can a product wake you up?! However, after use you most definitely feel revived and more "with it." At £32 it's more of an investment, but whole heartedly worth it. Get it here.


I'm really quite into my hair at the moment. I've got quite a lot of regrowth coming through (from being unwell last year) meaning I am becoming a super pro at finding products that stop the shorter hairs showing along my parting. It's really tricky as my hair is fine and needs help with volume, so I don't want to be adding heavy products as it'll flatten my whole head! Two things have really helped recently.

Firstly, Maria Nila's Structure and Repair Leave In Cream has been magnificent. I put a couple of pumps throughout my towel dry hair and once dried my locks feel rich, shiny and bouncy - without feeling weighty. For the fly away bits I've tried a lot of things but so far the winner is Davines' Pliable Hair Paste. I discovered it in the changing rooms at the South Kensington Club and couldn't believe how good the hold is. You only need the teeniest amount and it holds everything in place, unnoticeably, all day. Get it here.

Make Up 

Recently my motto has been "light and bright." By "bright" I don't mean very colourful (although Rosie Huntington Whiteley's lip pencil has made the cut as it's incredible, here) but more "uplifting." When you're poorly, or just when you feel it's too cold to leave the house, you need your make up to encourage you out of the door. That said if anything takes more than 5 minutes to do, I'm over it.

Benefit is a brand that I feel I grew up with, their mascaras and lipsticks were some of my first. I've been using their Hello Flawless as a really good primer/foundation. It covers well but you still look naked (is that the right expression? I mean you can't see it!) Get it here. Next, I have been using Sun Beam for years as a "quick fix" skin brightener. I put a swipe of it on each cheek (over the top of my Perricone MD bronzer which is the best in the business - people always think I've been on holiday, get it here) and quickly rub it in et voila. Get it here.

But the next product I almost want to make the font size 1000 and put in flashing red text. It's incredible. For anyone who has dark circles, Lemon Aid is for you. Use in place of a concealer, the bright yellow balm (stay with me...) neutralises your darker bits and makes them actually disappear. I'm fighting over ownership of this one with my mother at the moment, and friends who have watched me put it on have tried to pinch it too... If you buy one thing, its this here.

Finally, I think Rosie Huntington Whiteley needs a real pat on the back for her new make up range (find the full collection at Marks and Spencer here). I was given a few bits to try and the two pieces that stand out for me are the eyeshadow palette here (perfect for my usually olive complexion and dark hair) and the aforementioned lip crayon here, which has been perfect for a bit of a boost on weekdays. It's bright but not too bright... Love it!


Anyone who has read the blog for a while will know I'm obsessed with Tom Ford scents. At the beginning of the year I was treated to dinner with friends by the power house, and this Jasmin Rouge was in our little takeaway bag. It's more floral than my usual choices, but I've been wearing it religiously and it get's so many compliments. You only need a little, so it will last a lifetime, Get it here.

*disclaimer: some of these products were received as gifts from brands and PRs, but none have been promised content, only if I actually like the item - you should see the pile that didn't make it (!!)*

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