Showing My Stripes

I'm going to say something that might rock the boat a little bit: I absolutely hate London Fashion Week. It brings out the ugliest part of blogging; the need for one-upmanship. People who are ordinarily lovely suddenly turn into piranhas over invites - and not just whether you've got one, but where you're sitting, and who you're sitting with. Then there are the events, the dinners and who you're meeting with between shows. It's ridiculous as the reality is no blogger is going to be front row at the shows that really matter unless they're sleeping with all of One Direction - and as yet that hasn't happened. Then there all the brands loosely bidding in for their piece of the pie (their involvement rarely fits), and the infuriated editors who just can't understand why you would ever let a blogger attend anything. Overall, it's a headache.

I popped in for a few hours on Friday and that was enough for me...

The other funny thing that happens is the "peacocks" coming out to play... Girls who usually spend their Monday to Friday in boyfriend jeans and sweaters suddenly feel the need to do "a Joey" and put on every item from their (or Chandler's) wardrobe at once, and backcomb their hair into oblivion. I, almost in protest, put on what I always wear - as did Anneli who took these pics. I didn't get asked to have my photo taken, which actually made me feel quite smug as I didn't fall into the category of "The Tryhards"(which isn't always the case, but most of the time - at least if you're standing outside the venue wearing a rainbow and holding your phone seductively).

Enough of my belligerent moaning, here is my outfit. My coat/gilet is the one we're all wearing at the moment after our shoot with Iris and Ink last month (see here). When I first saw it I wasn't sure, but now I'm living in it. Yes it's expensive (shop it here) but it's a worthy investment as it's perfect for the UK's unpredictable weather. Find less pricey versions here and here but I do recommend the extra cost. My trousers are my "must have" leather ones from Marks and Spencer here. If someone had told me five years ago I'd be caught dead in something like this I'd have laughed. But they're perfect for the days you need to be that bit smarter, they're insanely comfortable and they're not an off-putting expense...

The top is obviously a Breton and there is only one brand to go to for your staple piece - Saint James. Conveniently they're now stocked at J Crew here too. As it's pretty chilly I wore a white shirt under mine, which I really like doing as it dresses it up a bit. It's from Hobbs here, but you can get away with a cheapy like any of these here if its just going underneath a top. Lastly the boots are my old faithfuls from Jimmy Choo, lots of you have been asking me for similar versions so here is a pair in the Kurt Geiger sale.

If you can't see the product feed of all the items in my outfit above, disable your ad blocker or use the following links: shearling jacket, Iris and Ink at The OutNet / breton shirt, Saint James at J Crew / shirt, Hobbs at John Lewis / leather trousers, Marks and Spencer / bracelets, mainly Astley Clarke / sunglasses, Max and Co / boots, Jimmy Choo / bag, L.K Bennett London

I hope you all have wonderful weeks, and may your coffee be strong and your Monday be short!

Photos by Anneli Bush on her super wizard Olympus Pen


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