Getting Dressed with The OutNet

Followers of my Instagram will already be well aware that two weeks ago myself, Erica, Sarah, Petro, Anneli and Freddie joined our friend Naomi who was hosting a brilliant event at The OutNet for her website The Lifestyle Edit to help us get "Fashion Week ready" with Iris and Ink. It was a lovely reminder of everything I love about blogging; we're a collective and love having a giggle, especially when plied with Prosecco and a rail of clothing for the afternoon...

The idea was that we all picked out our key pieces from Iris and Ink, and styled them up in our own way. Favourites within the team definitely included this faux fur gilet (3 of us fought over it) and my navy pencil skirt, and it was great to see how we wore them. The outfit above was one of my favourites (excuse the extreme resting b*tch face) as it's my style, coined. Stripes (courtesy of Tibi) jeans (Iris and Ink's own here, and very good too) mixed with a sleeveless blazer and my trusty Jimmy Choo courts and LK Bennett personalised tote.

L-R; Erica, Fred, Petro, me, Anneli, Sarah and Naomi

I absolutely love this group shot, taken by the renowned photographer Candice Lake. It's definitely getting framed, as the girls with me in it are some of my favourites. Anneli and I have known each other for a long time, since being introduced at the Glamour Awards in 2012. Naomi and Fred are excellent prosecco buddies, Fred and I actually worked together a few years back. Erica, who I've known for a while, proved to be excellent at hiding my hangover from the PRs when we spent the day as a festival last summer (I'd met my boyfriend the night before and got in a wee bit late)...

I never expected to make the friends I did when I started blogging, but it's been the most welcome of surprises. Non-blogger friends, as cherished as they are, really don't get what we do - I arrived to one of my best friend's birthday parties after this, and was greeted with a mix of confusion and intrigue as they'd all spent their day, quite understandably, working at a desk. In comparison, we bloggers really don't think it's at all weird to stand in the street, game face on, in a mix of each others clothes (that you've just swapped around in the toilet) and have your photo taken. Who'd have thought...

Thank you so much to Naomi, The OutNet and Candice Lake for a fantastic afternoon!

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