Getting my LUXFIX

As the blog turns five next month (eeeeeeek) I like to say I'm fairly on top of things when it comes to shopping. I'm nearly there with my capsule wardrobe, oh so nearly. However, there is one piece that I've just never been able to track down - a parka jacket. So when LUXFIX asked me to have a look around their site and this popped up, I may have done a little dance.

LUX FIX, in case you haven't heard it, is a treasure trove of independent designers including favourites like Parka London, The Fold and Wyse London. It's great for finding something with that certain "je ne sais quoi" - everything has a something unique about it (be it the fit, the assured high quality, etc). I've wanted a parka jacket for so, so long, ever since I was a teenager (anyone in my age group will remember when All Saints wore them - along with the baggy cargo pants) and have never found the right one.

This one is like wearing a cuddle. It's so cosy it reminds me a bit of the coat Jon Snow wears when he goes beyond the wall... The lining comes out if you want it to, which I'm tempted to do so I can use it as a bed sheet as it's the softest, thing, ever. The coat itself is a great fit as even though it's oversize it has little pulls at the waist so you can make it fit your shape. I was lucky enough to grab one in the sale, find the whole collection here

I've been living in mine, in fact Anneli (who took these photos) is now also hankering after one having tried mine on during our trip to Bicester this week (more on that to come). In this post I've paired it with a new Tibi jumper (but any stripes will do, also about to purchase this from Boden) and my trusty Paige denims - yet another example of a worthy investment. Lastly, I stole Anneli's bag for the photos as I'm currently in the process of hunting one down on Vestiaire - and wanted to test what it looked like!

All in all, I'm very happy that I finally (after a fifteen year wait) have my parka coat of dreams. Check out LUX FIX here to see what you can uncover!


L.K.Bennett SS16

There really was no rest for the wicked when I got back from holiday; I was straight off the plane and straight into a super fun shoot with L.K.Bennett to show off the best of their SS16 collection. We shot 4 looks (which will be featured on the blog in the coming weeks, and their site here) using Duck and Dry on the Kings Road as a base for hot coffees, fresh juices and - most importantly - fresh looking hair dos.  I was so, so excited to do this as so many people swear by their shoes but wouldn't think to try them for clothing. I'm hoping my styling efforts go in some way to prove you wrong...

First up the coat; what a colour! Yes, a tan helps (I had to put up with all of you going away over the summer when I went nowhere - so you can lump my smugness over not being pasty pale for a few weeks) but this cobalt shade is one of my favourite. Every time I've worn it since the shoot someone has commented on it - and it's so (cashmere) soft it feels like you're wearing a hug...

The jumper is one of three I'd had my eye on. There really is something great about a new well fitted knit. The little silver, coral and navy dots on it make it a bit different, but essentially its a grey jumper  so it goes with absolutely everything. Here is the grey one, but it also comes in coral here and cobalt here. Did I mention how warm it was? In case not; it's super warm. Perfect wear for people who have just come back from the Caribbean after a fortnight's holiday. Just like me. So there.

Now the boots... I was unsure about these as I've seen people I would put in the "way cooler than me" box wear them and wasn't sure I could pull them off. But you know what? They're so easy to wear and surprinsgly comfortable! I was sworn to only ever wearing plain coloured boots but these are so much fun and cheer up a bleary, winter's day. A worthy investment, find them here. Lastly the jeans; my old faithfuls. I keep trying to find an upgrade for the "fitted boyfriend" jean but I just can't beat Topshop's Mom jeans. For £40 you can't beat 'em - so join 'em, here.

Stay tuned on the blog for more from my day with the L.K.Bennett girls - I have an amazing full skirt to show you and a brilliant little "work to play" dress that I've been bouncing around in ever since the shoot.

This post was in collaboration with L.K Bennett. Thank you to Duck and Dry and Amelia Allen for all your help and skills on the day!


January Gems

Hello to 2016! Sorry for the little hiatus, I went away on holiday straight after Christmas (post coming up, for now my Instagram will have to suffice) and have only just got back into the swing of things. If you're anything like me, I'm so happy we've got a new year starting as I was so done with 2015... Amongst other exciting 2016 projects; the blog turns FIVE next month. First on my list of "to dos" for the year is clearing out my wardrobe. I've been doing very well so far, with a big bag of stuff going to the charity shop and even more going on eBay and Vestiaire.

I've been completely rubbish about staying in touch with the latest trends - I've barely been on a website or read a magazine (in fact I've mainly been reading The Book Thief, zoning out using Headspace and eating carbs). So, having felt like a very bad blogger for most of the weekend, I spent an hour catching up. Here are a few new season pieces that have caught my eye...

Lets be honest, sales seem really f*cking awful. If the product hasn't sold out by now you question if it should ever have been made available. If I am buying anything there has to be good reason for it. 2016 is about refining and upgrading. Starting with a corker; this is going to be the year that the Neverfull becomes part of my life. Once something has been in my mind for long enough, I know I have to make it happen. I object to paying £1000 for a brand new one, particularly when they are now made from plastic. I am scouring Vestiaire daily for a vintage leather baby (absolutely gutted I missed this one whilst on holiday).

Next up, I have an eternal fear of looking too Sloaney (pinned back hair, pearls, white jeans, tops with safe necklines and neat little cardigans - eurgh!) but I have to admit one thing these girls have got right is wearing Tod's Gomminos. I bought my first pair last year and am now itching for a taupe coloured pair, here. Coat wise, I've accrued too many and am selling most of mine to start from scratch. I've just got this one from L.K.Bennett which I'm obsessed with as it truly brightens up your day.  As for shirts, I've been having a serious cull on my "weekend" ones and refined mine to this chambray blue one from Topshop and this oversize one from Urban Outfitters. Further weekend wear (because this is me after all) if you haven't got a striped top yet then just buy this one. No questions.

Finally, I'm trying to dress a bit smarter so I have been on the hunt for pieces that I can add to my existing stuff that'll make me look a little more refined. Having looked high and low I really can't do better than Hobbs' Kelsey for a simple white shirt. Reiss is always good for work pieces, though always check the neck line and hem lengths as sometimes they're made for very, very tall girls. Really like their black trousers and mink coloured skirt. Whistles as always have got it good - this monochrome top and this pink skirt are superb. Never rule out Karen Millen either, this sleeveless blazer is a gem.

PS - if you are struggling to cut down your wardrobe I really recommend you take a look at The Lovely Laura Life who has written a great post about refining her closet to "the dream 75 piece." Everyone's will be a little bit different, but it's a great starting block. Above is her list of must haves, and to read the whole post click here.

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